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Congenital Ptosis Eye Operation Fail Rate? (photo)

Hi all My name is Natrah. I'm Malaysian and 32 years old. I have congenital ptosis eye for both eye. I'm planning to undergo an operation since i have... READ MORE

Considering Plexr (plasma) for upper bleph that went wrong. Do you recommend this treatment? (Photo)

I had upper blep over a year ago. The doctor removed too much fat and left skin. I was considering Plexr. Do you recommend this treatment? READ MORE

It's Now 10 Days Post-op Lower Eyelid Surgery, Will Taping or Massage Even Matter? (photo)

I also posted a question on day 6 about my eyes. It is now day 10. Just wondering if it looks better to the trained eyes out there and will taping or... READ MORE

Does Lateral Canthoplasty Helps to Lift Droopy Eyes? (photo)

I am a 28 Female and has droopy eyes that make me look tired. Does Lateral Canthoplasty helps to lift my eyes to make it less droopy and sleepy?... READ MORE

Is Sinecch Effective After Lower Eyelid Surgery to Reduce Swelling and Bruising?

I had lower eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. Sinecch is an herb used to help reduce swelling and bruising. So far I've only heard how great is at reducing... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Ectropion to Correct Itself After Eyelid Surgery?

I had both lids done 4 weeks ago. I have some ectropion on the outside of both bottom lids.I have been using warm soaks and massage. Should I still be... READ MORE

Will Eyelid Tape Help Improve Low Crease Line on One of My Eyes After Asymmetrical Upper Bleph?

Hello. I received a conservative upper bleph 5 wks ago. Once the tape was removed & the sutures were taken out it was obvious that the crease line... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Blepharoplasty For Bags and Hollowness? (photo)

I'm a 29 year old male with under eye issues. Around the age of 18 I began to develop bags under my eyes that in some light appear to be hollow or... READ MORE

Can Bleparoplasty Be Successful with Just Removal of the Skin Without Removing Fat or Muscle?

I'm will have blepharoplasty. I'm told this can involve removal of 1) Skin 2) Fat and/or 3) Muscle. Fortunately, insurance will pay for this, but only... READ MORE

Surgery for One Eye?

Hello, i have a slightly herniated fat pad under one eye only. Is it possible to have a lower bleph to correct this under one eye only? I am 37, thanks! READ MORE

Would Medial Epicanthoplasty Resolve My Issue?

Blocked Tear Duct Treatment: Surgery to eliminate the obstruction of the tear duct or to create a new tear duct. Would medial epicanthoplasty resolve... READ MORE

Eyelid Tape to Semilunar Eyelid After DST for Semilunar?

Hi,I had my DST method almost a month ago and it's in parallel formed, I actually regretted it, i wanted semilunar ones. Is it possible that... READ MORE

Would Eye Magic Help for Congenital Ptosis?

I uploaded two pics and was woundering if eye magic would lift my left eyelid ? READ MORE

I am being treated for dry eyes, but want to have Eyelid Surgery. Is this safe, or should I see other treatments?

I have been undergoing treatment for dry eyes, but my lids are so bad, they are almost interfering with my vision. Would I be putting myself at risk... READ MORE

Eyelid or Forehead Lift Which Method is More Effective for Better Eyes Look? (photo)

I bviously need some work on my eyes... They both look effective.. but which one is more ? READ MORE

Why are my eyebrows/eyelids so uneven, and what are effective ways to help it? (photos)

My right eyebrow is dramatically lower than my left, and my eyelid (of my right eye) seems to sag a lot lower than my left. It's "comical" looking... READ MORE

How long will the canthoplasty effect is visible?

I mean, I have read about people and doctors who say that the effect endure just approximate one year long and after that, the position start coming... READ MORE

Why did my doctor suggest the Asian single/double fold surgery? I am not Asian (photo)

This is a follow up to my first question since one doctor suggested the Asian single/double fold surgery and I was curious to know why? I am not... READ MORE

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