DST + Eyelid Surgery

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DST Revision- Possible Removal Of Leftover Suture?

I have suture technique double eyelid(DST) done about 7 years ago, my right eye is looser than my left and there's a small knot at the end of my... READ MORE

Rubbing Eyes After DST Eyelid Surgery?

I got Dst method done 12 days back and I accidentally rub my eyes . What will happen? READ MORE

Dst Method. After Second Round, Eyelids Uneven?

Hi. I did dst method twice. The first time was a parallel crease but it wasn't what I wanted. The second time is a semilunar one. So th latest crease... READ MORE

Eyelid Tape to Semilunar Eyelid After DST for Semilunar?

Hi,I had my DST method almost a month ago and it's in parallel formed, I actually regretted it, i wanted semilunar ones. Is it possible that... READ MORE

Non Incisional Eyelid?

Hi I did my dst around 2-3 months ago . What will happened if I accidentally rubbed my eyes during sleep? Pls reply:) thanks so much! READ MORE

Best Procedure to Correct Asymmetrical Eyes? (photo)

Hello, there are lots of non-incisional eyelids post about DST. What would be the best procedure to correct Asymmetrical Eyes (see photo). I've tried... READ MORE

Parallel to Semilunar Possible?

I just did DST method few days ago and I sort of regretted it. It's in parallel formed. Is it possible that I asked to change to semilunar ones? READ MORE

Does dst cause any implications to my eyelids in the years to come?

I had my dst surgery done in 2011. in less than a year time, my creases/ fold/stitches dissolved . Now I'm back to my own self. My question is does it... READ MORE

Will the suture from DST eyelid surgery irritate and scratch the surface of the eyeball?

I am doing some research online about DST eyelid surgery. I understand that the suture goes through the eyelid, wouldn't that scratch the eye surface... READ MORE

Will DST double eyelid procedure help correct droopiness of upper eyelid?

Hi, I'm a 25-year-old female considering the DST double eyelid procedure. I'm just wondering if the procedure can help in lifting the upper eyelid so... READ MORE

Can I get DST double eyelid surgery after having had incisional blepharoplasty?

I underwent incisional double eyelid surgery 4 months ago, I already had double eyelid folds however they were quite low and there was some slight... READ MORE

Is epicanthoplasty done with DST suture method as well? (Photo)

I keep reading about the different methods (incisional vs. DST) when it comes to Asian eyelid surgery. I am Caucasian but have an epicanthal fold. I'd... READ MORE

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