Dry Eyes + Eyelid Surgery

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Can Chalazion Be Gone on Its Own?

I had one on my right upper eye lid , it has been a week. I've undergone three I&C for chalazion for my left eye so i know how it works, but this... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid "Skin Pinch"

What does a lower eyelid "skin pinch" address exactly and does it have the same potential complications as a lower Blepharoplasty? Would this be a... READ MORE

Dry Eye - Temporary or Permanent After Upper Bleph?

In some cases I hear dry eye is 'permanent' after eyelid surgery (or ptosis repair for that matter). If it is permanent, does it usually mean... READ MORE

Itchy, Burning Eyes 2 Months After Blepharoplasty

I had upper/lower bleph done 10 weeks ago today. I had some dry eye issues in the beginning which got better for awhile. I went to an opthamologist... READ MORE

Will Flying on a Plane Immediately After Eyelid Surgery Affect Healing?

I booked a flight for home immediately--about 2-3 hours after my eyelid surgery. I'm flying from Southern California (where my surgeon is) back home... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Keep my Eyes Moist After Blepharoplasty Surgery?

It has been 1 week after my blepharoplasty surgery upper/lower. I find my eyes very dry and tight. READ MORE

12 Days Post Eyelid Surgery: Left Eyelid Feels Like It's Scratching Eyeball - Is This Normal?

Post-op, my left side had more swelling and bruising than the right. The vision in my left eye is a little blurry, and it's still a little dry. My... READ MORE

Red, Dry Eyes After Blepharoplasty and CO2 Laser

I had a transconjunctival Blepharoplasty on lower lids combined with CO2 laser 15 days ago. Both lower eyelids appear to be standing away and downward... READ MORE

Tightening the Outer Corners of the Eyes with Blepharoplasty?

I am planning to have a face lift with both upper and lower blepaharoplasty.  I have dry eyes which I am concerned with that may have been a... READ MORE

How Long Does Dry Eye Last After Eyelid Revision?

About 7 months ago I had double eyelid surgery.4 months later I went with the same surgeon for a revision for some eyelid ptosis (levator resection).... READ MORE

Can Someone Who Has Mild Blepheritis and Mild Dry Eye Get Upper and Lower Eyelifts?

I have mild blepharitis (mild in that it rarely bothers me-I have a light daily routine of washing the lids w/ warm water and a Q-tip) I had the... READ MORE

Will Bleph Effect Dry Eyes Problem?

Male 59 years considering Quad Bleph. I have had dry eye problems for several years, would this procedure effect that one way or the other? Thanks,... READ MORE

Lacrimal Gland Injury?

If, say, lacrimal gland/ductules are injured during ptosis surgery/upper eyelid bleph, does it end up healing on its own? I am nervous because my dry... READ MORE

Can I Have Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery if I Have Dry Eyes?

My tear test was 4mm. I have some puffiness in the lower lids and some excess skin in the upper lids. I take antihistamines (Benadryl) regularly,... READ MORE

Blepharitis and Very Dry Eyes After Upper Eyelid Surgery-Thank You!

I was diagnosed by 3 opthamologists of having blepharitis and very dry eyes after my upper eyelid surgery. I had the operation about 2.5 months ago. I... READ MORE

After Lower Blepharoplasty a Year Ago, Have Tightness, Dry Eyes, Untidy Stitches - Options?

I wanted to try and improve the cosmetic appearance and the scars from the stiches. However, my surgeon has advised that it is too risky for laser or... READ MORE

Lagophthalmos is Causing Painful Dry Eyes. Doctor Wants to Do Gold Implant.

Problem: I am suffering from painful dry eyes due to Lagophthalmos. My oculoplastic surgeon recommends a gold implant placed in the upper eyelid of... READ MORE

4 Months After Upper and Lower Eye Surgery, Dry Eye is Really Bad. Will It Get Any Better? (photo)

Eyes are also not closing fully. Had upper + lower eye surgery w/ fat transfer + ptosis repair - now my right lower lid is lower than my left. Dr.... READ MORE

Risk of Dry Eye Problem After Blepharoplasty?

I have a pre-op appointment on May 12th for Blepharoplasty. I'm a little scared about doing this. I don't want to regret it if things don't turn out... READ MORE

Is Nasal Area Fat Pad Removal Possible without cutting muscle? (Photo)

One of my questions was how to avoid permanent dry eye and although there have been several different opinions the one I'm finding to be a common... READ MORE

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