Double Vision + Eyelid Surgery

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Ptosis Surgery (LPS Resection) Recovery Time?

I had LPS resection where the surgeon put the incision under the eyelid. He used dissolvable stitches and said it will take up to 4 weeks for them to... READ MORE

Risk of Eyelid Surgery Causing Permanent Blindness or Double Vision

I Read That Eyelid Surgery Can Cause Permanent Blindness or Double Vision, is This a Risk? How are the eyes protected to avoid this possible risk? READ MORE

Double Vision After Blepharoplasty

I had a upper and lower blepharoplasty with a right eye ptosis repair all at the same time. I have notice that my right eye, besides not opening all... READ MORE

Please Help with Orbital Asymmetry

I have orbital asymmetry of the globes themselves. I dont have a fracture, no sinking sinus syndrome. I believe it is a congenital anomaly that has... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, my surgery made my ptosis worse. Will a revision ptosis surgery correct this problem? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op. My surgery made my ptosis worse, and I fear effected the alignment of my eyes. I am no longer able to open my right eye wide.... READ MORE

One Eye Is Bigger Than Another How To Make Them Symmetrical? (Photo)

My left eye looks smaller than right.when i look downward my right eye looks smaller. ophthalmologist said you have ptosis in your left eye they... READ MORE

Fleshy Strip on Eyeball After Lower Transconjuctival Blepharoplasty. Limiting Eye Movement/causing Double Vision? (photo)

24 days post lower transconjuctival blepharoplasty. I'm really scared. Right eye: I have double vision when I look to the left, down or upward. Muscle... READ MORE

Can I fix my double vision after orbital decompression surgery?

I had an orbital decompression surgery a year ago and after two days from the surgery i blew my nose then my left eye got damaged i started to have... READ MORE

Is Double Vision After a Pentagonal Wedge Repair After Mohs of the Upper Eyelid Typical?

My upper eyelid was repaired after Mohs using a pentagonal wedge procedure. Since that time, I have experienced double vision. Can you refer me to any... READ MORE

Double Vision in 1 Eye?

Hi, i had double eyelid surgery about 1month+ ago. And after visiting an optician to make my specs, i realized i had double vision in one eye. I... READ MORE

Following ptosis surgery how long before you are able to open that eye wide? (Photo)

I had ptosis surgery 3 weeks ago, the type done on the inside of the eyelid. The results have been the ptosis is worse than before, I have experienced... READ MORE

Surgery for dwaynes syndrome? (eyelid)

I'm trying to find a doctor that does these types of surgeries? Is it even a fixable problem? I have double vision, and get headaches a lot. The left... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for orbital decompression for non thyroid eye?

I have genetic bulging eyes ,5 and 6mm ,,it's not difference that bother me both of them look kinda scary and not in the same line ,,right eye is... READ MORE

Would orbital decompression cause double vision for TED patients who are no longer in are active phase?

I was diagnosed with TED in the summer of 2014 and was told it has now stabilized. I want to consider surgery to restore my eyes as much as possible.... READ MORE

Urgent: Pain while moving an eye to extreme visive positions after orbital decompression surgery. Any suggestions?

Yesterday i had a bilateral simoultaneous orbital decompression surgery. i have double vision now and i feel pain on the forehead when i move my eyes:... READ MORE

Issues with upper eyelid blepharoplasty to correct side visual field loss. what is normal? Should I let him correct or not?

My blepharoplasty was late September. It caused "halo's" around items (which have since gone away), double vision, and my right eye feels "heavy" -... READ MORE

What surgery do I require to correct left eye? (photos)

I had orbital bone floor fracture surgery done 3 years ago on left eye to correct double vision. Eye has shifted to upper left causing double vision... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse levator advancement surgery by putting the levator muscle back in its original place?

Adult. Have mild ptosis, MRD 1-2mm one eye. Had first congenital ptosis surgery levator advancement of 1mm a year ago. Surgery failed, eyelid height... READ MORE

My Superior Rectus muscle "tethered" during Mullerectomy surgery causing double vision. Will this correct itself in time?

I had Mullerectomy surgery done 7 weeks ago. The superior rectus muscle was affected causing me to have double vision. My surgeon is telling me since... READ MORE

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