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Best Eyelid Surgeon in California?

I want a doctor who's done eyelid surgery for years with experience in California. I am young so I don't want anything major or drastic. Any bad or... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Left Me with Hollow Eyes (Upper & Lower). L.A. Doctor Recommendations?

I need a highly skilled doctor to fix hollowness in the Los Angeles area. I am looking into fat grafting. I have tried filers and don't find it... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Lower Eyelid Surgeon in Boston?

I am in my 30s, and am considering remove my under eyebags. There is a lot of plastic surgeon in Boston, I would like to choose one who is most good... READ MORE

Need of Extensive Revisional Lower Eyelid Surgery. Does Anyone Know of a Good Reconstructive Surgeon in the South?

I am in need of an extensive lower eyelid revision at this point due to the effects of several bad cosmetic surgeries to correct rounding of lower... READ MORE

Recommended Toronto Doctor with Expertise in Dark Under Eye Circles?

Do you know of any doctors in Toronto who perform operations on dark under eye circles? What is my best option to get rid of the bags under my eyes? I... READ MORE

What Kind Of Surgeon Should I Go To For Eyelid Ptosis Repair?

Hi, i have done 3 surgeries, which doc should i pick for my complicated ptosis revision? 1. HOD, Aesthetic Eyeplastic, MBBS, FRCS, FRCOphth,... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty on Women of Color Without Cutting to Prevent Scarring- Who Can Do It?

Chicao has a surgeon who can do blepharoplasty without cutting on women of color (Dr. Julius Few). He goes in thru the lower eye lid. Is there an east... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Surgery Specialist - I Am Looking for the Best

I am 35. I have always had slight eyebags. In 2007 a surgeon told me that I needed Quadrilateral conj. Blep. After surgery for 2yrs I couldn't... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Good Oculoplastic Surgeon in the Metro Detroit Area?

Hello, I am 55 & have droopy lids, and mye eye doctor said perhaps an eyebrow lift would help too. I have very fair skin & scar easily. I am... READ MORE

Possible to Have Lower Eyelid Lift at Same Time As Scar Revision?

6 months ago I had a scar revision for a scar on lower eyelid. The tissue connecting the lower and upper eyelids on the outer corner of my eye... READ MORE

Best Oculoplastic Surgeon for Revisional Surgery in Dallas Area Preferably, but Will Travel Anywhere. (photo)

My 16 y/o son had a frontalis sling w/silicon rods on bil eyes. He had same oper w/fascia when he was 2 y/o by same Dr. After this surgery his right... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations to Fix Botched Blepharoplasty

Too much skin removed doing eye lid blemp. Sensitive under lid tissue exposed to environment. I am in need of a eyelid facial plastic surgeon who can... READ MORE

Experienced Eyelid Surgery Doctor in NY or NJ?

Can you recommend a New York or New Jersey eyelid surgery doctor with experience in baggy eyes and dark circles, please? I am 26 yrs old. Am I... READ MORE

Houston Doctor Reccomendations for Eyelid Ptosis Surgery?

I am 24 and I have had ptosis in my right eye since birth. It is not very visible unless you look for it, but being a young girl it still bothers me.... READ MORE

Doctor in NY, NJ, VA, or FL for Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty

Hello, I need to find a doctor in NY, NJ, VA, or FL to do a transconjunctival blepharoplasty with arcus release and fat repositioning. These areas... READ MORE

Anyone in Naples, Florida Doing the NEW Laser Eyelid Surgery?

Naples or Ft. Myers, NEW laser eye lid surgery started in Tampa by Dr. Scheiner???? Seems less invasive & less time to heal. READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Eyelid Surgery

I'm 32 Years Old, and Have Bags Under my Eyes, my Right Eyelids Are Slightly Puffier Than my Left Side I'm considerind having a blefaroplasty... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty and V-line Osteotomy in Asia

Hi there, I am Asian, female and 20s. I have puffy upper eyelids, buccal fat and receded chin. I am considering to have blepharoplasty and v-line... READ MORE

Any Doctors Specialize in Pinch Blepharoplasty?

Do any doctors specialize in pinch blepharoplasty instead of full lower lid blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Sydney Australia Revision Blepharoplasty Doctor Recommendations

Hi experts, I had my upper blepharoplasty done a month ago. immediately after the operation, I noted that the incision is different for each eye.... READ MORE

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