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Is there a way to make my absorbably sutures dissolve faster?

I had an upper blethroplasty on the 18th dec 2013. Dr used absorbable sutures as it was close to christmas, however I can still see the outer sutures... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Scar Tissue from Blepharoplasty?

I am now almost 6 weeks out from upper and lower Blepharoplasty. Scar tissue has formed under my lower right eyelid and I have been doing the massages... READ MORE

Tight Eyes After Canthopexy

I had dissolvable stiches next to eyes to get an upward shape. Day 16, and they are still there, and my eyes are very tight. Is this normal? I am... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of having an allergic reaction to dissolvable sutures and what are the options for rectifying? (Photo)

I am 3wks post of upper blepharoplasty. I have distinct hard ridge at suture line, and knots where internal sutures are. I had spit out one suture.... READ MORE

Undissolved Stitches Post-Blephoplasty?

I am 9 weeks post upper bleph. Although difficult to capture with the camera on the right eye, there are two lines of raised bumps. They are not milia... READ MORE

Will stitches under skin eventually dissolve?

I had upper eye surgery 3 weeks ago. My post op appt 7 days after surgery went well except the stitches had not dissolved. The Dr removed the part... READ MORE

Interior Sutures for a Dropping Eyelid Repair- When Should These Dissolve?

I have internal sutures after an eyelid surgery that were also held in place with an external suture. How long until the internal dissovable sutures... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty After Restylane and Hyaluronidase? (photo)

4 months ago I had Restylane injected to tear troughs, and since then have had a problem with recurrent swelling, an apparent immune response to the... READ MORE

Raised Scar 2 Weeks After Lower Eyelid Surgery

About two and a half weeks ago, I had a lower bleth. done. The subcutaneous, self dissolving stitches have caused the skin around my eyes to buckle.... READ MORE

If the small fat pockets at the corners of my eyes are removed, will the under eye area looks smoother and better? (photo)

I'm a 64 year old who woman had blepharoplasty surgery four months ago. The doctor removed excessive skin under the eyes as well from the upper lids.... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for suture granulomas after upper bleph? Adverse events vs benefits and healing time post. (photo)

Had upper bleph done ~ 4wks ago w/ internal fast dissolvable sutures (I was not aware internal sutures wld be used) leading to granuloma the entire... READ MORE

Juvederm Swelling 6 Weeks Post in Tear Troughs? Can The Amount Dissolved By An Injection By Controlled?

I'm 28 M and currently 6 weeks post op from and upper bleph and under eye juvederm injections. I had fairly defined lines in my tear trough and... READ MORE

Undissolved stitch 'knots' in corners of my eyes? (photo)

Blepharoplasty upper and lower 3.5 weeks ago. Dissolving stitches were used for lowers only. All came out after about a week, but I am left with a... READ MORE

Dissolvable stitch poking out of crease (Photo)

The photo is blurry but it is the white dot on the crease line (near beginning of eye). It has been 4 days since my upper blepharoplasty operation and... READ MORE

I had double eyelids surgery using dissolvable sutures. Is this an infection? If I have a revision, can bump be removed? (photo)

I did my eyelids a year ago. My doc used dissolvable sutures n there was this small bump on my lid which did not go away. Doc said to wait for it to... READ MORE

Dissolve Restylane Before Bleph?

Should I have TE restylane in my tear troughs dissolved before having a lower bleph? Thanks! READ MORE

I had upper eyelid surgery exactly one month ago. One of my eyes has a bump on the incision line. Is this normal?

My eyelids are still red but my main concern is that one has a bump on the incision line. I hope that could still resolve and is not a scar. I know... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Dissolving Stitches That Have Not Dissolved As of This Date from Lower Eyelid Surgery on 9/25/13?

I know I am still healing but I thought dissolving stitches would be gone by now.. My eye doctor also left 2 regular stitches in each upper lid and... READ MORE

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