Discomfort + Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid Ptsosis or Extra Skin Layer?

Hi I'm 19 years old and while my eyes have never been perfectly symmetrical I've noticed the severity in the offending eye becoming increasing... READ MORE

My eyelids seem to be resting on my eyelashes and I have constant discomfort in my eyes, temples and forehead? (photo)

I'm only in my mid 30s but I feel my face is aging rapidly. I imagine its from the strain of constantly lifting my brows and scrunching my forehead in... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty: 3 Questions About Eye Protectors/Shields During the Operation

1) Do eye protectors have to be used during the upper blepharoplasty operation? (mainly skin will be removed/paid by insurance) 2) If so, will they be... READ MORE

I Have the Feeling of a Foreign Body Sensation Inside my Lower Lid After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

It has been nearly six months since I had upper and lower blepharoplasty with fat relocation. I still have the uncomfortable feeling of something... READ MORE

Almost 5 Months Post U/l Blepharoplasty and CO2 And Experiencing Major Discomfort And Pain, What Can I Do? (photo)

My o/p surgeon specialized in treating festoons. They are very much improved, but my eyes are now strange and wide open, like marbles. My right eye... READ MORE

I Had Bilateral Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty 7 Weeks Ago. Experiencing Discomfort With Eyelashes, What Can I Do?

The lower lids are slightly turned in and are still a little puffy. This causes some of my lower lashes to touch my eyeball and create discomfort. Is... READ MORE

Is Six Months Post Blepharoplasty the Appropriate Time to Address Revisions and Should I Return to Original PS? (photo)

Had upper/lower bleph w/ lower & mid face lift 8 wks ago by respected board certified PS in large city. Eyes are asymmetrical, slight rt lower... READ MORE

What Can Be Causing a Foreign Body Sensation After Blephorplasty?

Dearest Doctors, Dad is 65yo. He had upper and lower bleph approx a year ago without complications and seemed to heal well. However, over the last few... READ MORE

I Had Upper and Lower Blephs Done 4 Weeks Ago, my Left Eyes Vision is Now Blurred and my Eye Feels Tight and Uncomfortable?

My left eye which had ptosis repaired is great vision and all. My left eye however is dry tight and my vision is no longer 20/20. I believe my lower... READ MORE

Ptosis or Exta Skin?

I have always had drooping in my left eyelid (present in pictures from when i was a child). However, up until it never really gave me trouble other... READ MORE

I Had Blepharoplasty 2 Yrs Ago and I've Been Miserable Since/diagnosis Malpositioned Lids/so Much Discomfort 24/7 - Advice?

I need the name of an excellent doctor who specializes in the eyes. My eyes are malpositioned as a result of surgery I had 2 yrs ago at Strax. I've... READ MORE

Ptosis repair or something else, what is wrong with my eyes? (Photo)

I've been diagnosed with mild ptosis on my right eye, about 3 years ago. 2 years ago I had ptosis repair surgery from an Oculoplastic surgeon. Since... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post Blepharoplasty, with tightness, discomfort and vision changes. I've seen Dr twice. Is this normal? (Photo)

I was given a steroid/antibiotic cream to use at night. A few times I have seen a small black spot in the same spot when I look up towards the light.I... READ MORE

6 wks post op one eye bigger than the other after Endoscopic Mid facelift Lower eyelid surgery+ Malar cheek. Suggestion? (photo)

My swelling on cheeks has gone down quite a lot but now i am getting discomfort in my left eye, It feels like it has a foreign body behind the eye and... READ MORE

Left eye lid is droopy. Is this something medical I should worry about? (Photo)

Over the last couple of years my left eye has become drippy, it's worse when I'm tired or stressed. I've also noticed, along with others, that it has... READ MORE

I'm 38. I've noticed my face is looking more asymmetrical w/ age & my lazy eye is making my face look droopy. (photo)

What procedures (s) would you recommend? My goals it to look refreshed and correct the asymmetry as much as possible and to alleviate some of the... READ MORE

Is there a healing time difference associated with transconjunctival vs transcutaneous lower bleph?

Does one method have a shorter recovery than the other? Is there a difference in healing discomfort, bruising or swelling? READ MORE

I didn't patch when I was younger. So with that being said, my right eyelid is droopy/ lazy. Any suggestions? (photo)

When i lift my eye brow, it slighty looks better, but then my eyebrows look dumb. Im tired of everyone covering up their eye out of discomfort or... READ MORE

I had lower blepharoplasty done in 2007. The numbness and discomfort never went away nine years later.

My concern is this. Why didn't the numbing go away? Two issues see below.numbness and discomfort. The scar area is quite painful more recently.. Pink... READ MORE

Discomfort, Cant Close Dry Eyes After Eyebrow, Upper Eyelid Lift? (photo)

I got a rhinoplasty, deviated sept. , face countour (with macrolane), eyebrow/upper eyelid lift done at the same time. (16 days ago) I'm a little... READ MORE

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