Depressed + Eyelid Surgery

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Are my Droopy Eyes Permanent?

HI - I had upper/lower eye surgery just five days ago. I don't think I have a lot of swelling but am so depressed that both my upper lids seem to... READ MORE

abnormal/peaked eyelid contour after ptosis surgery (photos)

Ptosis surgery & extra skin removed 3 weeks ago. My concern is the contour abnormality of my eyelids, both eyes are peaked to the left. Will the eye... READ MORE

I Have a Depressed Eye, So Do I Need Surgery to Fix It?

A couple months ago, I got elbowed in the eye, and it happened again last week. Now it is visibly smaller, a sign that it has been pushed in or... READ MORE

Problem with Upper and Lower Blep After 15 Years

I had upper and lower blep 15 years ago. Everything was fine until approximately 6 months ago when people started to look at me very strangely. Well,... READ MORE

2 weeks post op orbital rim surgery. I have depressed scars formed. Is this normal? What can I do about them? (photos)

I have scars on both sides of my eyes where the doctor put malar implants with orbital rim. Now I have depressed scars that formed! Did they not heal... READ MORE

I had lower eyelid surgery a year after uppers and look deformed (Photos)

My one eye is hanging and they are both droopy in my opinion. The swelling is NOT going down. Every morning its back. I'm taping, massaging you name... READ MORE

Is this a failed double eyelid surgery? (Photos)

I had done double eyelid surgery a week ago.i want medium crease the doctor said ok seeing his previous result i dont doubt anything.but after the... READ MORE

What are the Options to treat uneven eye after bad lower bleph? (Photos)

I had lower bleph 8mnths back my eyes are uneven since day one plz suggest what r my option to make it symmetric. Right eye suture ws very low n widen... READ MORE

I would like to know if there is a solution for this - I cant close my eyes. 3 weeks post-op.

I had a blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago. But. My eyes do not close properly ... they weigh and burn me and I have a lot of sensitivity to light I am very... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old. What treatment would you recommend for my tired looking eyes? (photos)

I recently went to my doctor regarding my self consciousness of my tired looking eyes. It's bothered me a lot in the past but recently it's all I see... READ MORE

Unhappy with how hollow my eyes look, is there a surgeon in New Jersey for a Lower Eyelids Surgery?

I am 43 year male who is in need of help. I don't like how hollow my eyes looks. Even after a good night sleep, my face still look tried and sad. This... READ MORE

Triple eyelid forming on left eye a month after double eyelid surgery. Is it normal? (photos)

A month ago, I had double eyelid surgery and now I realized that I have a triple eyelid on my left eye. It's only sometimes present and it usually... READ MORE

Ptosis surgery 2.5 months ago. But it's drooping again. Please help! (photo)

Hi ! I had undergone a ptosis surgery 2 & a half months ago. They performed plication. But after a week It started drooping again. Its causing me... READ MORE

Subcision and laser for epicanthal scar, now eye looks smaller, could it be deswelling or did it affect epicanthoplasty?

I had epicanthoplasty 9 months ago, every month there were changes. Recently, on the 8 month I did a subcision for the depressed surgical scar , after... READ MORE

Can asymmetric eyes be fixed though a surgery? Will surgery help my crooked face? (Photos)

Hello. Lately i have been feeling that my face is sometimes a bit crooked, mostly in selfies and unexpected photos. I am not sure what makes my face... READ MORE

Depressed Eye due to accident (most likely an orbital fracture ) . CT scan report attached. (Photo)

I had an accident 8 months ago which involved a serious head injury. The doctors told me that the bone behind my right eye brow had been depressed due... READ MORE

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