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What is the Best Approach for Tear Trough Deformity if Fillers Are Not Giving the Desired Result?

I have fat loss/ mid face descent tear trough deformity awful dark circles. Large eyes, create double whammy of shadow. I have filler but I still look... READ MORE

Tear Trough implants? (photos)

Hello, I want to fix my tear trough deformity. I do not want to get injectables, so it is either implants or bleph. The reason I do not want... READ MORE

Is this a dog ear deformity? (photos)

Does the eye on your right (my left) have a dog ear deformity from upper blepharoplasty? If so, in your opinion, does that require revision? As you... READ MORE

Trying to Find Experienced MD on Long Island, NY to Perform Tear Trough Filler with Blunt Canula Because It's Safer?

I live on Long Island. I'm a male in my 30's who has "tear trough deformity." I'm looking for a safe way to correct it. From my reading, it seems that... READ MORE

Is this Ptosis, and can it be fixed? (photos)

My left eyelid has been this way since birth, but certainly seems to be looking worse as I get older. Since neither of my parents nor any of my... READ MORE

What would you recommend for my tear trough deformity? (photos)

I am 16, and since I was a child I've had these sunken in lower eyelids. They aren't even very dark but they have this sunken in half-moon indentation... READ MORE

lower blepharoplasty? Cheek lift? it looks like a tear trough deformity and damage to the orbicularis (photos)

The before pic was recent. a different surgeon destroyed my entire face. He cut my eyes to place what I later found out were really horrific medpor... READ MORE

4 months ago I asked about Enophthalmos with Superior Sulcus Deformity. My worry is the sunken eye

I was involved in a RTA and diagnosed with Lefort 2 . I had my zygomatic born elevated but my eye is sunken . Am located in Africa is there doctor... READ MORE

Under eye hollows. What causes this? (photos)

What causes this? Deformity? Always had it.. Worsening as I age. Cheeks stay full.. Eyes become more hollow. How can this be corrected? Any options... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my under eyes? (photos)

I have always had tear trough deformity, but the "hollowness" under my eyes has extended laterally to form a full half circle crescent under my eye.... READ MORE

Can lower lid plate be reconstructed?

Similar to a cancer/trauma patient, I am missing a significant defect of lower lid margin/lid plate due to previous surgeries. About 1/3 lash line is... READ MORE

What can reduce the appearance of a negative vector eye & A-frame deformity? I don't want implants or injectable fillers.(photo)

I believe I have negative vector eyes & an upper eyelid A-frame deformity. The "bag" under my eye is my eyeball pushing up against the lower lid. What... READ MORE

Round and small eyes two months after lower eyelid blepharoplasty. (Photos)

I am heart broken and regret why I went for it. Skine laxivity and bags beneath my lower eyelids were not so prominent that I should go for it. Just... READ MORE

I need advise on my tear trough deformity; I'm here to find a physician to preform said procedure before 9/26/16? (Photos)

As you can see I have a serious tear trough deformity. (So does my father). The bags aren't always as puffy. I massage away the puffiness daily &... READ MORE

Tear troughs or something else? (Photo)

I'm very curious as to if these are tear troughs, some other deformity, or just my bone structure. I've had them my whole life. The orbital bone seems... READ MORE

Orbital hollowness specialists? (Photo)

Is there a specialist that corrects A Frame Deformity/Doll Eye Deformity, Orbital Hollowness in Los Angeles, or San Diego? READ MORE

Extra fold in the eyes since birth, no idea what it is? And what procedure will fix it? (Photo)

Hi I have had these two folds in between my inner eyelid and nose since birth it looks like it's gradually getting worse I'm only 23 and it's very... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery necessary to permanently correct this? (Photos)

So, I've got a tear trough deformity that I'd like to permanently correct. I know this a hereditary thing for sure, my teenage sister even has this.... READ MORE

Orbital fat loss fat grafting desired.

I would like to know what are the preconditions for autologous fat transfers given that I am very fit and lean. 51 YO Transgender person seeking... READ MORE

What do I need done? Aging at 38 years old.

I just started aging at 38 My eyelids look horrible .I think I may have tear through deformy. Looks like i lost lot volume under my eyes My jaw area... READ MORE

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