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Need of Extensive Revisional Lower Eyelid Surgery. Does Anyone Know of a Good Reconstructive Surgeon in the South?

I am in need of an extensive lower eyelid revision at this point due to the effects of several bad cosmetic surgeries to correct rounding of lower... READ MORE

Advise on lid revision options and lower lids after blepharoplasty (Photo)

I'm 5.5 weeks post bleph. Still trying to be patient but as weeks go by things look worse. I have 1 lid significantly larger.. The incision is much... READ MORE

I had a botched eyelid surgery. Can you recommend a great doctor in Connecticut for a revision surgery? (Photo)

I had an upper and lower eyelid surgery almost 3 months ago. I hate the results very much, the doctor did a horrible job! I have a very long scars... READ MORE

Are my eyes correctly aligned? (photos)

In the past days I have been really frustrated wondering are my eyes correctly aligned. And does my left lower eyelid go a bit down. Is there some... READ MORE

Is my face deformed? Can you help me if this is normal? (Photo)

My Left eye is smaller than my right eye. Also when I take pictures my face looks deformed and my eyes look uneven. READ MORE

Orbital surgery; Is it possible to get surgery to move my left eye up to be more even with my right eye?

Is it possible to get surgery to move my left eye up to be more even with my right eye? An implant on my left orbital floor, perhaps? My uneven eyes... READ MORE

I had lower eyelid surgery a year after uppers and look deformed (Photos)

My one eye is hanging and they are both droopy in my opinion. The swelling is NOT going down. Every morning its back. I'm taping, massaging you name... READ MORE

Are my eyes severely deformed? (photos)

I feel like I have numerous issues with my eyes. People comment all the time that I look tired or high among other comments. Would simply getting an... READ MORE

How can I correct an overdone bleph that deformed my face & caused my cheekbones to move up & eyes that got pulled down?

Had a 2nd upper eyelid surgery but so much skin & fat taken out, 10mm of skin on the side. He was to correct a previous upper bleph, only 1-2mm on the... READ MORE

Can the lateral corners of my eyelids be repaired to help with peripheral vision and pain/distorted sensation? (Photo)

I had previous eyelid surgery and I am having pain both at the corners and at the lateral fixations (too tight/pinched). The corners are deformed and... READ MORE

Is it possible to do multiple surgeries on my face all at once?

I'm interested in getting double eyelid surgery due to sagging, rhinoplasty, chin implant, jaw shaving, and fat grafting to forehead and cheeks. Is it... READ MORE

Lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty. I had an operation 11 month ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

The surgeon fixed tarso orbital fascia to the lower edge of orbita. (With fat reposition) Today i have a problem with deforming of my lower eyelid... READ MORE

Need work on my eyes again (Photo)

Had upper lower eye lift in 2003. My eyes are crepey and have hard time getting makeup to go on properly. Went to board certified PS and he suggested... READ MORE

Orbital decompression surgery.

Is there a small chance of orbital decompression making your eyes look deformed or a little bit asymmetrical? READ MORE

Is my eye area deformed, what are my options to fix it? (photos)

I've always had problems with my eyes for as long as I can remember. The skin around them are wrinkled and discoloured, both lids are showing and the... READ MORE

How to get rid of really deformed creases in inner eyelids? (Photo)

My eyelids aren't droopy but I still have creases within the eyelids that make me look so much older than I am. There is extra skin but my biggest... READ MORE

Why is my one eye is so different than the other ? (photos)

My eyes make me feel deformed. The first picture in looking to the side and you can see one eye has and eye life line and the other one hardly does.... READ MORE

What did he get done? All together, how much do you think this will cost? How is this eye surgery possible? (photo)

What are negative and positive sides of it. When the injections wear off, will his eyelids sag? Will his face be deformed in the long run because of... READ MORE

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