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What is a Blepharoplasty - What Does It Do?

Can a eyelid doctor explain blehparoplasty and how it works READ MORE

Skin Pinch in Cheek Lift?

Could you explain in further detail the skin pinch with support of the corner of the eye, usually with an ultrashort incision cheeklift (USIC)? Thank you. READ MORE

Is it possible to define/extend/re-angle the inner canthus? (Photo)

A teardrop-shaped inner canthus is a desirable trait, so is it possible to recreate it with surgery? READ MORE

What can I do to make my eyebrows look more masculine and cheeks and chin more defined?

So I already know I would want a chin implant, just wondering what size. Now I'm just wondering what I should do to try and make my eyebrows look more... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix asymmetrical eyes? (photo)

My eyes are asymmetrical when I smile. They used to have the same contour but my right eye became a little puffy and less defined over time. I've... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty or orbital rim shaving? (Photos)

Hi, I'm just curious what could be done about my eyelid shape. I feel Like my eyes are not shaped normally, they slant down on an angle, there Is... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for upper/lower bleph? And any more info on how to improve my features would be appreciated. (photos)

I've tried filler and altho it looked ok i want something more permanent l. I'm concerned that fat cuts removed in a lower bleph which may cause a... READ MORE

My right eye is very hooded and eyebrow is also lower! Fix? (Photo)

This isn't something which greatly concerns me, but i'm curious. I've always felt as though the right side of is slightly less defined/supported/tight... READ MORE

What treatments are available for defined under eye creases and hollows? (Photo)

I am 31 years old and have always had very defined creases in both my upper and lower lids. However, now that I am getting older, when combined with... READ MORE

Transconjuctival lower lid blepharoplasty

My doctor said that he will detach the skin that defines the border of my bags under my eyes from the inside and then transfer the fat downwards. This... READ MORE

What surgery should I have done to raise my right eye? (Photos)

I love the position of my left eye, but I am very self conscious about how low my right eye is. My right cheek is also much flatter than my left one,... READ MORE

How to widen the area between eyes and nose for a more defined face? (photos)

I want to widen the area between eyes and nose to make my face look more defined. Please suggest something. READ MORE

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