Dark Circles + Eyelid Surgery

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Best Procedure to Remove Dark Circles and Under Eye Hollows?

I am 20 years old and have very bad hollows under the eyes one side is worse than the other and under my eyes it is very dark and gross its been... READ MORE

Will Bruising After Blepharoplasty Go Away?

I still have some bruising a month after lower eyelid surgery to remove bags. Will this ever go away? I have what seems like dark circles directly... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes and Dark Circles Treatment for Contact Lens User?

I am a 31-year-old Indian male. I have gotten contacts recently and I'm constanly being told I look tired because of my sunken eyes and my dark... READ MORE

My eyes are going deeper and deeper inside face. I have dark circles and puffy eyes. Any suggestions? (photos)

My eyes are getting deep like they are getting in a hole....having dark circles....puffy eyes....sometimes i get itching in my eye lids....i feel like... READ MORE

How Much Does Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Surgery Cost for Me? (photo)

Hello, I am under 20 years old. I have had dark circles all my life I am looking for a Dr. who might be able to estimate the price of lower eyelid... READ MORE

Dark Circles After Lower Blepharoplasty

I am of Afro-Carribean origin, fair to meduim complexion. I had Blepharoplasty for eye bags just over 7 weeks ago. The eye bags have completely... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty: Dark Circles Below Eyes

Is this a normal post-op problem and will it improve with time? In person, my eyes look fine (with the exception of upper lid post-inflammatory... READ MORE

What Are These Dark Circles/marks Under Eyes After Lower Bleph? Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

I used to have eye bags now I have dark circles/marks after lower trans bleph. Is this hemosiderin staining or hyperpigmentation? It seems as if its... READ MORE

Arcus Marginalis Release, Fat Grafting Permanent Under Eye Solution?

Is arcus marginalis release in Blepharoplasty, and Fat grafting a permanent solution to correct dark circles and hollowness under the eyes? With this... READ MORE

My eyes are are too big, and I want to know if anything can be done? (photo)

My eyes are too big for my face and they scare people away. I have several eye problems, including severe dark circles(which don't really show well in... READ MORE

Hydroquinone for Dark Circles? (photo)

Hydroquinone(4%) will cure the dark circles? If so, please suggest a brand and the usage. I look tired coz of my dark circles :( and I want to get rid... READ MORE

Dark Circles and Eyebags Not Just Under Eyes, but Around Eyes?

Hi there. I am a twenty-three year old female who recently developed bags under the eyes approximately two months ago. The thing is .. I can slightly... READ MORE

Will These Bags or Festoons Finally Leave or Will This Be the Results, 1 Week Post-Op Lower Eyelid Surgery?

I had lower lid bleoplasty a week ago for festoons on the lower orbital or malar cheek area. I am healing fine with some minor eye redness and brusing... READ MORE

Derma Roller for Sunken Eyes??

I used derma roller for few acne scars(very very mild pitted scars) and it worked like magic, Now I'm wondering if I can roll under my eyes to improve... READ MORE

Puffiness 3 Weeks After Blepharoplasty

Three weeks after my lower blepharoplasty, my right eye became puffy and "bubbled". Last week, they were still looking great; smooth, tight,... READ MORE

Any Help for my Eyes, Always Look Tired/older? (photo)

Hello there, i was wondering if there are any suggestions of what i can get done for my undereye area. restalyne or blephoplasty? The skin is starting... READ MORE

Can my Lower Eyelid Hollows and Fat Pads Be Treated with Fillers? (photo)

I have had a problem with dark circles since I was young. I am 53 now and the circles have developed into hollows. I also have round-ish fat pads... READ MORE

Options for Genetic or Venous Congestion Caused Dark Eye Circles

If it is genetic or due to venous congestion, what is the best route to pursue? I'm only 23 but my dark circles have been there pretty much my whole... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Correction? (photo)

Hello all! I would really appreciate your advice. Both my upper and lower eyelids seem to be big. This shows specially when I smile, squint, look up,... READ MORE

Does PRP improve for dark circles, thin skin and mild crepiness under the eyes or are Fraxel and Retin A better treatments?

I'm in my 30's and have dark circles, mild crepiness and thin skin with small visible veins under eye area. I am thinking of having PRP to help... READ MORE

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