Cyst + Eyelid Surgery

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Cyst on Lower Eyelid.

A cyst developed on lower eyelid after surgery and Dr. said it would go away but it has been a year and it is still there. Should the dr. that did the... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have A Bump After Chalazion Treatment?

I have a chalazion for a month, been goin to my optha too, teatment is done since he doesn't want it to be surgically removed, he said, the scar is... READ MORE

Too much anxiety to have eyelid cyst removed, what suggestions can you give?

Five months ago I had a facelift that went quite well Prior to surgery, I developed a cyst on my lower lid margin that was to be removed during... READ MORE

One Droopy Eye, Pituitary Gland? (photo)

Hi! In 2011, a cerebral MRI revealed a 2,5 mm cyst on my pituitary gland. Last week, I went to a pituitary MRI. I'm waiting for the results. My... READ MORE

Epidermoid Cyst on upper eyelid's inner corner -12 year old kid? (photo)

Avoid/wait or, better to get the surgery done at a younger age? MRI scan done. Cyst is about 1.5 cm size, close to the inner corner of the upper right... READ MORE

Upper eyelid surgery post op day 21: My scar is lumpy (Photo)

I've done upper eyelid surgery 3week ago. My scars are lumpy. And I have a cyst?? What is it??? So worry about it. READ MORE

Cyst or lump after upper eyelid surgery. Can this be easily removed? (Photo)

I had eye lid surgery 9 months ago and I have a large lump on the scar. Can this be easily removed. READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty with cyst like bumps not going away after 9 weeks? Not sure what else to do? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty done 9 weeks ago, cyst like bumps formed, have had 3 kenalog shots and using silicone scar gel but bumps keep forming and getting... READ MORE

After my 4th surgery, I have more scarring. Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

This is after my 4th surgery on this eye....the first was the original with scarring plus 3 revisions that went badly and now more scarrig. i know... READ MORE

Upper Bleph 6 Months Ago, Cysts and Infections, Should I Return to the Same Doc?

I had an upper bleph 6 months ago, not without complications i.e.cysts and infections. Do I now return to the doc to have him re-do or do I find... READ MORE

Suggestions on dealing with eyelid cysts?

In the last 3 months I've had 14 eyelid cysts. I got 3 removed on 19th Nov. Another 4 came back and I got 3 of them removed on 11 Dec. The doctor... READ MORE

Is having a cyst like lump normal to have after chalazion surgery?

After I had my chalazion surgery, I was left with a small lump on my top eyelid where my cyst had been. With closer inspection, if I pull back the... READ MORE

Cyst in the lower eyelid, insurance won't cover and MD charge few $100s. Can it be removed without surgery? (Photo)

I have a Cyst that is developing in the lower eyelid. My eye doctor told me I need to remove it before it gets bigger. she also suggested it may go... READ MORE

Upper bleph 1 week ago. Lump/cyst left inner eyelid. Revision surgery? (photos)

Upper bleph 1 week ago. Cyst/lump inner eyelid. Injected with steroid yesterday. Do you think it will resolve on it's own or need surgery again? Not... READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty scar feels raised and widened with bump like cysts. Is this normal scarring? (photos)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty done 11 days ago, stitches were removed on day 6. The next day cyst like bumps were on my upper lid above where... READ MORE

16 days post op, I have a pointy bump like pimple. Is this normal? (photos)

16 day after upper and lower bleph, my surgeon told me to massage the scar , there is like a raised muscle along the incision and when I press a... READ MORE

2 weeks after eye surgery the cyst is back. Should I see another dr? Should I get an MRI before having surgery again?

After swimming in a public pool I woke up with my eye swollen shut. My optometrist said it was a stye but I insisted I had an eye infection.After the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the cyst above my eye? (Photo)

I've had a tiny little lump above my forever, it's never bothered me. Until recently after shaving my eyebrows it started to swell. I went to the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have permanent blurry vision after a mullerectomy?

I am 12 days out from my surgery for a slight drooping of the right eyelid caused by a 2nd strabismus surgery 4 yrs ago. So far, it looks like a... READ MORE

What is this little white ball at the corner of my eye? (photo)

Had this for several months and can't remove it myself. Is it a cyst of some sort? Would I need surgery? READ MORE

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