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Is eyelid surgery covered by OHIP if its for medical purposes? What about epicanthoplasty?

I am an 18 year old asian who has monolids covering half of my eyes and epicanthal folds as well. I was wondering if it was medical, like how severe... READ MORE

I have ptosis eyelids. Is there a chance it would be covered by insurance? (photos)

Ever since I was born, my left eyelid would never open as much as the right, and it's physically uncomfortable. I was wondering 1) if there is a... READ MORE

What Are the Requirements to Have Insurance Cover Blepharoplasty or Brow lift?

I have very droopy eyes. I am younger, but the droopy eye lids run in my family. Four people have already had to have surgery and i'd like to have... READ MORE

Is upper eyelid surgery ligitimately covered by health insurance? Or is it purely cosmetic?

Is upper eyelid surgery ligitimately covered by health insurance? My mother is Chinese living in Melbourne and she has eyelids drooping over her eyes.... READ MORE

Droopy upper lids, will my insurance cover a corrective procedure? (photo)

I m wondering if my advanced droopy upper lids correction can be covered by insurance. I tried botox some time ago but it did not help. READ MORE

Does GHI UFT cover the cost of blepharoplasty surgery? (Photo)

I would like to do blefaroplasty surgery . I am 48. Is my medical insurance covers the cost of it. I have GHI UFT. I have dark circles and bags under... READ MORE

Does my Mother Need Blepharoplasty and if So Does It Need to Be Bilateral? for a Slowly Progressing Ptosis over 1.5 Years?

Symptoms only in one eye, apparently droop to half cover the pupil,visual fields done with eyelids taped up okay but untaped showed a deficit in the... READ MORE

Ptosis surgery without insurance? Would it be worthwhile to see if I could get coverage or is it a waste of time? (photo)

I'm currently 21 looking to get ptosis surgery so I can stop having tired looking eyes 24/7. I have Blue Cross insurance, but from my understanding, I... READ MORE

Can I get a deep-set eye? (photos)

I got a very thick crease covered on my upper lid, I want to remove it. But I wonder if I get a forehead Botox to make it forward, plus reduce some... READ MORE

If my vision is impaired due to eyelid sagging, can is be covered by medicare? (photos)

I notice my eyelids make it difficult for me to see normally..and makes me force my eyes open like a deer in headlights.. READ MORE

One of my eyes appears smaller and the eyelid covers that eye more than the other, what is wrong and how can I fix it? (Photos)

One eye doctor said it could be fixed with laser surgery but i was only 7 and no other doctor mention there a way to correct my... READ MORE

My left eyelid dropped and it feels like its covering half of my eye. Any suggestions?

I have been noticing that one eye looks smaller than the other and overtime its just getting worst. Is there something I can do or what kind of doctor... READ MORE

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