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I have extra skin between the inner corners of my eyes & nose bridge, it might be epicanthal folds. Can it be corrected? (Photo)

Even though I'm caucasian, I appear to have this. No one in my family has them so I'm assuming it is caused by an injury to my nose when I was younger... READ MORE

I'm 3 Days Post Lower Eyelid Surgery. The Outer Corners Are Dropping, How Can I Correct This?

I also had a chemical peel and juvederm added to the hollows. It seems like I read somewhere thaT there are excercises I can do to help the muscles... READ MORE

BlephAroplasty for Inner Corner Hanging Skin?

The inner corners of my eyes (where upper lid fold meets inner corner) are starting to have a sagging fold. When I pull up on my eyebrows this problem... READ MORE

The Corners of my Eyes Feel Pulled and Tight Six Months After Bletharoplasty- Normal?

I had an upper and lower bletharoplasty in April and the inner and outer corners feel very pulled and tight. What causes this? I know the doctor took... READ MORE

Deep/dark indentations in corner of eyes. What procedure would be best? (Photo)

I am 22 yrs old and have always had deep indentations in both inner corners of my eyes. They are more noticeable and dark when I am tired but none the... READ MORE

Raised lumps at the corner of the eyes after blepharoplasty. Seems a bad suture technique. Will these go away? (Photo)

I'm 55 years old and 10 days ago I had lower eye blepharoplasty done to remove bags from under the eyes and tighten the muscle and skin. I'm healing... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Deep Creases from Corner of my Eyes After Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 5 1/2 months ago and I now have deep creases from the corners of my eyes that I did not have before... READ MORE

Best procedure to lift the outer corner of the eyes? (photos)

Dear Dr’s, I want to fix the downward slant to outer corners of my eyes giving a sad look. Upper lids've started 2 feel heavy. Pls advise what wud b g... READ MORE

Droopy Outer Corners of Lower Eyelids and Hollow Upper Eyelids

The outer corners of my lower eyelids droop and I would like them to be more elevated (slanted upwards) so there isn't as much scleral show. The... READ MORE

What is the fat bulging from the outer corner of my eye? (Photo)

The fat in outer corner my is bulging. I have no idea why. What is it and what can I do to fix it? READ MORE

I have this tiny cut towards the inner corner of my eye that won't heal. Did something go wrong during my surgery?

I had gotten blepharoplasty done two years ago with my savings right before college to fix my monolids. Everything healed up nicely and I went to my... READ MORE

What can be done to lift outer corners of eyes?

My eyes or more narrow in the inner corner and wider at the outer corners and I'm wanting to know of a way that can lift the outer corners and... READ MORE

What is the gap on the outer corner of my eyes and how can this be fixed? How much will it cost?

I think I was born with a lax lower eyelid. It looks very awkward and I think my eyes itch because of it. Please tell me what this condition is called... READ MORE

Lump on Inner Corner Eyelid After Double Eyelid Surgery- Should I Worry?

I went to have double eyelid surgery done about 14days ago, straight after the procedure was done I had gone back to my hotel and realized that on my... READ MORE

Will thick scar bumps heal on the outer corners of my eyes, eleven months after upper blepharoplasty?

I had an upper blepharoplasty eleven months ago. No complications, normal healing. The only thing that bothers me is that I still have slightly... READ MORE

I Have a Bubbly Scar at the Lower Corner of my Eye Just Below the Crows Feet. Why and What Can Be Done About It?

After eyelid surgery done June 18 ( approx. 5 weeks ago) I have a bubbly scar at the corner of one eye just below the crows feet. This is not even a... READ MORE

Can my Eyes Be Made More Symmetrical?

I have always had asymmetrical eyes and which may be something to do with the facial structure, rather than anything else. What bothers me is that the... READ MORE

When Can You Wear Contacts After Having Inner Corner Eye Surgery (Epicanthoplasty)?

My friend recently had double eyelid surgery, but they operated on the inner corners of her eyes as well. She was wondering when she could begin... READ MORE

How can lumps in the corners of my eyes after upper and lower eyelid surgery be corrected? (photo)

I have lumps in the corners of my eyes after upper and lower eyelid surgery two weeks ago. The lump in the corner of my left eye is big and seems to... READ MORE

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