Cornea + Eyelid Surgery

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My Eye Does Not Completely Close and I Now Have Cornea Damage

Two years ago I had upper blepharoplasty & a browlift on the left brow and a week after surgery I knew something was wrong as my left eye was... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery 6 Months Ago. Lid is Starting to Droop Slightly. What Can I Do?

Had cornea transplant 3 hrs ago and developed potisis in that eye. Had surgery6 months ago everything looked good.I have noticed a slight droop again... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Belph I Have Loose Cornea in my Right Eye Should I Be Worried?

I had upper and lower belp and since then I have had loose cornea in my right eye, my lids are still droopy and no one notices any change in my... READ MORE

Ptosis Correction Surgery While Using Steroid Drops?

Hello, I`m a 33 years old male, passed a cornea transplant surgery 1.5 years ago and still using steroid drops (one drop of "Zylet" per day) to... READ MORE

Is There Permanent Treatment for Inner Eyelid Scar Tissue?

I had Steven's Johnson's syndrome at age 15(I am now 42). It left me w/scar tissue under my eyelids.This scar tissue rubs against my cornea making my... READ MORE

Placing my contact lens on right after an internal ptosis surgery to prevent scratching of cornea from stitches. Is this normal?

I'm scheduled to have an internal ptosis surgery done next week. I asked my doctor how long after that I can wear my soft contact lens. He said he... READ MORE

Is it a must, prior acoustic neuroma surgery ,to protect eyes in case of face nerve damage?

I saw in consultation independed ophthalmic plastic& reconstructive surgeon two month after I underwent right acoustic neuroma surgery in October 2011... READ MORE

Is a corneal scar in my eye could be as a complication of placing in it gold weight?

Underwent right acoustic neuroma surgery, developed facial nerve palsy post-operatively and had a gold weight placed same surgical sitting. For almost... READ MORE

What is causing blurry vision in one eye 4 months after canthoplasty surgery. Is it due to corneal dryness

I have blurred vision like I'm looking through a pane of glass with water running over in one eye. My corneas were staining showing dryness however my... READ MORE

Any revision possible for too much skin taken in upper bleph? (photo)

Bleph (10 years ago) took too much skin. Eyes look smaller, deeper set, and darker (light from above doesn't reflect off cornea, aesthetically... READ MORE

I was recently diagnosed with rare corneal neuropathy. Could upper Blepharoplasty have caused this?

I was recently diagnosed with corneal neuropathy. It took 4 years to find out what was causing my eyeball pain. Co-incidently, it was 4 years ago that... READ MORE

Can a moderate lift of the lateral lower eyelid be achieved with fillers? (photos)

My lower eyelids sag further downwards past the cornea (I assume due to weak orbital support) which leaves me with overly sad/tired looking eyes. I'd... READ MORE

Blephoplasty Induced Lagophthalmos Is A Living Nightmare - Would This Option Possibly Work?

After multiple consultations that resulted in being handed a role of tape to tape the eye lids shut at night, and being informed that it is imperative... READ MORE

My corneal specialist mentioned lower lid surgery to help eyelid closure at night. What is this, and how successful is it?

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty about 5 years ago. Now I have severe dry eye, and the left eye remains exposed during sleep. I have corneal... READ MORE

Can I know if I were to do a revision, which method am I more suited for? (photos)

I used to have droopy eyelids, particularly right eyelashes scratching my cornea. My local doctor suggested to do a double-eyelid surgery to solve the... READ MORE

Cornea scratched 1 year ago February during eye lid surgery. Dramatic change in astigmatism - blurred & double vision remains

Had upper/lower eyelid surgery 1 years ago February. Issue is persistent blurred vision - dramatic change in astigmatism - blurred and double vision... READ MORE

Is eyelid surgery an option for me? (photos)

In 2013 I got a disease know as acanthamoeba keratitis in my right eye and had to take several eye drops to fix it and also undergo a cornea... READ MORE

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