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Blepharoplasty by a Certified Plastic Surgeon or Certified Opthalmologist?

There are no certified opthalmic plastic surgeons in my region? So which one should I go to for consultation for my lower eyelid surgery? READ MORE

What questions should a potential client ask a surgeon before having blepharoplasty?

What questions should a potential client ask a surgeon before having blepharoplasty? I live in the Orlando, Florida area and have scheduled... READ MORE

Scheduling an Appointment for a Blepharoplasty?

Hi, wanted to know typically how long after an initial consultation can you have eyelid surgery? Due to my work schedule I only have a narrow window... READ MORE

Any doctors have recommendations on procedures?

I'm contacting some doctors in my area. I'd like to visit them prepared with some knowledge about what kinds of procedures would be best for... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Transconjunctival vs Skin Pinch/Incision? (photos)

I've had 4 consultations for lower Blepharoplasty. Three said they would just do the Transconjunctival procedure and one said he would add a skin... READ MORE

How Can I Communicate With My Blepharoplasty Surgeon So There are No Aesthetic Surprises Post-Op?

I am 53 with quite a lot of excess skin and hooding on upper eyes. I want as "natural" a result as possible, no dramatic change, hollow or... READ MORE

Blethoplasty procedure successful? Eyes are still puffy, and hollowness wasn't corrected? (Photo)

16 m post op, the results on the lower lids are fading and the upper lid has some kind of nerve issue. The puffiness and hollow look is starting to... READ MORE

How can I avoid overdone eye surgery?

Lower bleth I am 60, been going to consults for a secondary fl. They keep recommending transconjuctival blepharoplasty. What is this? Do they cut the... READ MORE

Lower blephoraplasty? (Photos)

I have hereditary eye bags. No creams can help this and makeup is just getting harder to cover the older I get. I have a consultation booked. What... READ MORE

Which are the malar bags? (Photo)

After a consultation with an Occuloplastic surgeon about a Blepharoplasty he said I had eye bags and Malar bags and a bleph and mid face lift would be... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty while awake?

After a recent consult for upper & lower blepharoplasty, I was ready to go, until I was told I'd be awake through the procedure in the office... READ MORE

Shouldn't consultation be free?

I am currently thinking about getting a lower eye lid OP. It is important to me to find a doctor I can trust, preferably being specialized in that... READ MORE

Outer cut or inner cut if I have some crinkling? (Photos)

Two consults: one transcontinental with skin pinch and fat repositioning from abdomen. ( way too expensive) The other outside cut with fat from bags... READ MORE

3 consults with 3 board certified plastic surgeons giving 3 very different approaches and prices for upper and lower bleph?

1. Upper/lower with malar lift 9500k. 2. Upper/lower with fat repositioning 7k. 3. Upper/ lower with fat removal 4800k. What to do? I liked #1and 3... READ MORE

Best approach to fix under eye bags and discoloration? (Photos)

I am a 42 year old man, and I'm increasingly frustrated by my very tired-looking eyes. My skin is healthy, and I would otherwise look young for my age... READ MORE

Is an oculoplastic surgeon the same as oculofacial surgeon? (Photo)

I have an upcoming appointment with a aptholmologist oculoplastic cosmetic surgeon to have the bump on my lower eyelid and droopy lids evaluated. I... READ MORE

Browlift vs forehead lift vs upper bleph? (Photo)

I just had a consultation with a doctor about an upper bleph who suggested a brow/forehead lift could alleviate the issue of my outer droopy upper... READ MORE

Surgeon insists all patients have a general anesthetic. Would I be more at risk if I'm not intubated?

I've consulted a surgeon for upper and lower Blepharoplasty. I was hoping I could have sedation as I wanted to avoid a GA as I tend to be very sick... READ MORE

Droopy Eyelid - Help! Which surgery is most likely to help? (Photo)

This droopy eyelid began about a year ago. I believe it was brought on my contact irritation and CONSTANT rubbing for about two years. Since having... READ MORE

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