Compress + Eyelid Surgery

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Will Hot Compresses Breakdown Fatty Tissue Under Eyelids?

My Dr tells me I have excess fatty tissue under my eyelids. He said to use hot compresses to breakdown this fatty tissue. Everything I have read in my... READ MORE

Hard Lump Possibly Under Incision Site After Eyelid Surgery

Hard lump in inner corner of eye i think affecting crease. anyway to rid it? hot compresses & massaging? i'm 1 month post op. how long until it... READ MORE

Can I Use Cold and Warm Compresses for Upper Lids Surgery After 5 Weeks? (photo)

I am using warm compress due to little bumps on my incisions. And cold compress is because the eyes still puffy and red. I just started for the past... READ MORE

Do I Continue to Apply Warm Compresses to my Yellowish-brown Bruise? (photo)

Warm compresses have helped my bruising significantly. The bruise is now a yellowish-brown. Should I continue with the warm compresses or let this... READ MORE

Upper eyelid surgery 3 days ago (8/6/14). When should I switch (or should I?) from ice to warm compresses? (Photo)

Hello; I had my upper eyelids done Wednesday (8/8/14) morning. I'm seeing daily improvement with swelling & bruising. I used ice packs almost 24/7 for... READ MORE

Can ice help bring down blepharitis swelling & does the swelling ever go away?

I've had pisterior blephariris since November & my eyelid is really swollen & warm compresses aren't helping bring down the inflammation so I want to... READ MORE

Chalazion removal surgery needed? (Photo)

Stye to hardened chalazion in 1 month. I didn't treat it properly right away & I regret it. Using ICE like my mom said! Then I used hot tea compresses... READ MORE

How many times a day do you put warm compresses on your eyelids for posterior blepharitis?

I have posterior blepharitis in one eyelid & my eyelid always looks better in the morning when I wake up they look even until I put the warm compress... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks post upper blepharoplasty, and I still have swelling. Would less salt help?

Dr, had me 2 slacks, steroid cream that's it still swelling I am 65 yrs. old. Can I do anything else? Ice/warm compresses? Exercise? Still sleep... READ MORE

1 month post double eyelid surgery. How much will my eyelid shrink down? (Photo)

It's been a month after my surgery. I had a bit skin cut out and fat taken out. I am so worried that this is 80% of the final result. It doesn't look... READ MORE

Sudden swelling and bruising again 1 week after transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Any other things i should do now? (photos)

I had lower bleph on 6 Feb 2016. The recovery was ok in the beginning. However, after switching to hot compress on day 7 as instructed by my PS, my... READ MORE

Hot or cold compress for swollen eyes 23 days after surgery?

I had eye surgery 23 days ago. The bruising is almost gone but the my eyelids are super swallowed. What's better hit it cold therapy? READ MORE

Can I put a warm compress once a week for Blepharitis?

My opthamologist told me to apply a warm compress once a week because the warm compress is making the swelling on my eyelid worse. Will putting the... READ MORE

I have chalazion from 9 mths. I got operated its been a month. It did decreased in size but it is not completely gone. (photo)

. My doctor said you got this operated late so it will take time to go completely. He asked me to do hot compression. What should I do? I am not even... READ MORE

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