Combination + Eyelid Surgery

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Is Ptosis Surgery Part of a Blepharoplasty or is It a Separate Procedure?

I've seen a couple of eye PS in NC and have been told that these are two separate surgeries with separate costs. Additionally I was told there has... READ MORE

How Long is Recovery for a Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery when Done Together?

I am a 61 year old female looking into eyelid surgery in conjunction with an endoscopic brow lift using endotine - a forhead fixation device. How... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty and/or A Fat Transfer The Best For Me?

I have been advised that treatment for my dark circles can be approached through lower eyelid blepharoplasty, filler (or fat) for the lower... READ MORE

How Will Botox Affect Blepharoplasty Result?

I had an upper Blepharoplasty. I would like to know how long after I can evaluate the results? My concern is that I had the surgery 4 months after... READ MORE

Can I Combine a Blepharoplasty with Lasik in One Surgery?

Can Lasik surgery be combined with eyelid surgery? I would rather only have one surgery but I want both procedures...Would it be hard to find a doctor... READ MORE

Will Tipplasty And Canthopexy Be Good For Me?

Hi Doctors :D I want to get a canthopexy to make my eyes look more almond feline shape look less round. I like the raised eye look, my eyes are too... READ MORE

Will I Gain Efficiency if I Get Both Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty at the Same Time?

I'm Asian American and have always wanted rhinoplasty to change the shape of my nose. I want a narrower and less bulbous tip. I also have some fat... READ MORE

Can Both Upper and Lower Eyelids Be Done at the Same Time?

Can Both Upper and Lower Eyelids Be Done at the Same Time? READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants, Lateral Cantho Plasty and -Plexy - In What Order?

If one had round eyes and scleral show due to BOTH a recessed orbital rim area AND lax under eye, and wanted to get both procedures, which one should... READ MORE

Will Blepharoplasty Affect my Previous Lasik Surgery?

I just have my Lasik done in Jan 09, currently planning for the upper blepharoplasty in May 09? It is around 4 months interval. What are the risks... READ MORE

I Am Considering Upper Eyelid Surgery but Have Vitiligo and Concerned in Case my Eyes Depigment. Has Anyone Done This?

I Am Considering Upper Eyelid Surgery but Have Vitiligo and Concerned in Case my Eyes Depigment. Has Anyone Done This? READ MORE

Combining Ptosis Repair w/ Other Procedures?

I Am Having Prosis Repair Soon. What Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Done at the Same Time? READ MORE

Under Eye Wrinkles and Dent Under Left Eye. Laser Resurfacing, Now Obagi, Is This All Okay? (photo)

I have had two bleph surgery, two under eye skin pinches, and two urbium laser resurfacing treatments after each skin pinch. Currently using Obagi... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery and a Nose Job?

I want to get ptosis surgery done with an eyelid surgeon professionally but within the 8 months I have , I am wondering , will an eyelid surgeon also... READ MORE

Should Eyelid Surgery Be Performed Separate from Back Lipo?

I am considering having upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as lipo on my back/flanks area. Should the procedures be done at separate times? If at... READ MORE

How Long After Blepharoplasty Can I Have Smartxide Dot Laser Treatment?

Hi on friday im having upper and lower eye lid surgery. i would also like smartxide laser after. is 2 weeks after surgery enough time to leave. im... READ MORE

How can I make my eyelids more symmetrical? (photos)

My upper eyelids are asymmetrical. The left eyelid appears larger with more skin visible than the right. Also, the area above the eyelid appears... READ MORE

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