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Eyelids Won't Shut After Blepharoplasty

I had an upper Blepharoplasty 6 weeks ago. My eyelids still do not shut all the way. I can make my eyelids shut if I "muscle" them down, but... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty: One Eye Wont Open? (photo)

Five days after surgery, I have one eye that will not open more than half way. One eye feels great in recovery (with no loss of muscle control or... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Taping my Eye Shut at Night with Bells Palsy?

I have had Bells Palsy for about 3 months and I can now close my eye during the day and if I nap it stays closed. However, I am afraid not to tape it... READ MORE

When Should I Be Able to Close my Eyes Properly Following Eyelid Surgery?

Its been two weeks since I had upper and lower eyelid surgery and am still unable to close my eyes properly especially on my right side. My husband... READ MORE

Can't Close Eyes and Blurred Vision After Upper Eyelid Surgery

I can't close my eyes after 9 moons when sleeping and have some blurred vision that i never had before surgery. READ MORE

One Eye Wont Open After Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Surgery Date 1/03/2013 My right eye is still not opening and its vision is blurry. The doctor put a drop in the eye to stimulate the muscle and it... READ MORE

Eyes Not Closed Completely a Few Days After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Hi My mom has just had a surgery on her upper eyelid ( 2 days ago) , now her eyes can not be closed completely , I'd like to know the reason? is it... READ MORE

Post Stroke Eye Closed? (photo)

27 yr old male post stroke, residual right eye lid completely closed, the eye is fixed with the pupil wide opened (other medical issues to long to go... READ MORE

Post op of double eyelid surgery, too much skin was removed. My eyes won't close fully. Will it improve with time? (photos)

I had incisional DE surgery. My eyes don't close fully+I look shocked when I look down as my lids don't hood over my irises. My surgeon removed too... READ MORE

I Had Upper Bleph Performed Leaving Long Incisions and Half Closed Eye? (photo)

1) The incision on both eyes extends downards visbily on to my face by at least 1 cm. I am extremely concerned that these will not heal and will be... READ MORE

6 weeks after congenital ptosis surgery. Can there be any big change in several months? (photos)

I'm highly concerned that my eye shape will be the same as shown in the picture, or there will be so little change. Still I cannot close my eye fully... READ MORE

I'm 48 years old woman. 3 years post op, I can't close my eyes. It is still tight, red, and swollen. Is this normal?

I had upper eyelid surgery 3 years ago. My eyes still can't close at night. My eyelids are still tight, red and swollen. Schirmers test shows 00mm at... READ MORE

Eyes will not close after upper blepharoplasty. One eye lower lid pulls down and I get a palsy effect. Any suggestion? (photo)

Op was 6 days ago. My good eye almost closes, but my right eye can't, & when I try the lower lid pulls down & the whole lower skin area takes on a... READ MORE

Can my eye asymmetry be corrected? (photos)

I am not sure if this is a case of BP because I do notice that the left side of my face tends to slightly droop down in comparison to the right side,... READ MORE

Will the scar tissue on my upper eyelid ever subside? (photos)

So I was recently in a very bad car accident, about 2 months to be exact. I received lacerations on my face, (Left side of forehead, upper eyelid,... READ MORE

Is there anyway to prevent my eye from closing when I smile? (photos)

Im now 44 but at 12 years old I was a passenger in a vehicle crash and was ejected from the vehicle through the front windshield. The glass cut me... READ MORE

Can Restasis help with dry eye following aggressive bleph? (photo)

I have had a very aggressive eyelid surgery last January 2014. Dr removed too much skin and I still cannot close my eyes while at rest. Can this drug... READ MORE

What is a levator release? (double eyelid surgery, young patient)

My eyes don't close fully b/c my sham surgeon removed too much skin. I'm abt 3mm short on my left, and 4mm on my right. Even when I stretch my lids... READ MORE

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