Cheekbones + Eyelid Surgery

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Is my lower eyelid / cheekbone puffiness to difficult to get rid of with lower eyelid Blepharoplasty? (photos)

I have puffy lower eye lids/ puffiness around cheekbones. The bags look like there's fluid or fat that hangs over and stops at the cheek bone. I would... READ MORE

Drooping Lower Eyelids or Scleral Show Due to Cheekbone Structure?

I have droopy lower eyelids ('Sanpaku'/ScleralShow) at 19 years old. Over the past few years, I've had bad sleep patterns (bedtime 'procrastination')... READ MORE

I Had Upper Eyelid Surgery 4 Days Ago and There Has Been Swelling by my This Normal?

How long will it take to go away? It's making my face look like my cheekbones are sunken in. READ MORE

Is there any doctors that specialize tear trough implants in the orbital rim? (photos)

Eye bags and inverted cheekbones surgery question. I'm a 31yo caucasian male with a severe case of ugly face. The profile photo should sun it up.... READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants Before or After Cheek Implants?

I want orbital rim and cheek implants which ones do I get first or can I get both at the same time? Please answer if you are a facial plastic surgeon... READ MORE

How to to improve my appearance - tear troughs/deep set eyes/low cheekbones. (photos)

Hey, my eye issues are: -Drooping eyebrow/angry neutral face -Deep set tear trough/under eye hollows -Low cheekbones -Protruding eyes My lower lid is... READ MORE

Why Do I Wake Up with a Swollen Spot on the Malar Bone After Blepharopasty and Mid-face Lift?

Today is the one month anniversary of my upper and lower blepharoplasty and mid-face surgery. Healing is proceeding as expected. However, my concern... READ MORE

Right side of face and right eye is much bigger than the left side. Can this be fixed through surgery? (photos)

I have been distressed since teenage years regarding my facial assymetry. The right side of my face is everything bigger, cheek and eye. I dont mind... READ MORE

I Have Visibly Very Flat Left Cheekbone Since Birth. Because of It I Have Also Uneven Eyes? (photo)

Please dont tell me everyone is assymetric in different ways and such things - I know it. I am just frustrated of my face appearance and I beg you for... READ MORE

I have very bulgy bug eyes but do not have a thyroid problem. Any procedures that can help?

I have had bulging eyes my whole life. I have never seen ONE person online or in life with eyes as bulgy as mine. My eyelids are very thin. It's... READ MORE

Do I have a canthal tilt , cheekbone issue , flat look (young male) ? (photos)

Hi I was wondering about my eyes. Everyday I constantly hold my lower eye lid up like you see in some pictures. When I relax them they get big and... READ MORE

Are orbital implants safe? What can one expect?

If someone has bad eye circles hollows and flat cheekbones can an orbital rim make it better? As cheek implants itself might make eyes more hollow?... READ MORE

How can I correct an overdone bleph that deformed my face & caused my cheekbones to move up & eyes that got pulled down?

Had a 2nd upper eyelid surgery but so much skin & fat taken out, 10mm of skin on the side. He was to correct a previous upper bleph, only 1-2mm on the... READ MORE

What's wrong with the right side of my face? (Photo)

My right eye is sunken in and much lower than my left. my right cheek is almost non-existant compared to my beautiful high cheekbone on my left. What... READ MORE

How to fix uneven eyes with ptosis is? (photos)

I mean my upper eyelids are falling and my eyes are uneven relation to each other. I'm not sure if that's due to uneven facial cheek bone or loose... READ MORE

Would a canthopexy and lower blepharoplasty be appropriate in my case?

Hi ! I'm a 20 yo guy and I am really self conscious about my eyes and cheekbones as I'm looking quite tired and unnatractive in that particular area... READ MORE

Upper and lower Blepharoplasty, CO2 Fraxel laser to under eye and NdYAG laser on 2 blue veins. Should I need reading glasses?

I'm 4 weeks out from an upper and lower Blepharoplasty. I also had CO2 Fraxel laser to my under eye area and some NdYAG laser on 2 blue veins on the... READ MORE

I need a lower bleph. I'm 54. I also have fat on the top of cheekbone, right under the orbital bone. Can that be taken care of?

How far under the eye can they go to remove fat? I really don't want to get into face lift territory and those cheek lifts look poor. Thx READ MORE

Help for deep under eye creases? (photos)

Hi, I was wondering if my undereye creases are caused by my bone structure or lack of sleep. I happen to have high cheekbones and eye creams don't... READ MORE

What would improve the appearance of my lower lids? (Photos)

What would improve the appearance of my lower lids? The skin seems very thin and I'm note sure there is much fat. I have low cheek bones so I think... READ MORE

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