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Can I Change My Round Eyes To Almond Shaped Eyes? (photo)

I have round eyes however i want to change them into almond shaped eyes. I want to raise the inner corner of my eyes down and the outer parts up. Is... READ MORE

Can the Size of Eye Change?

Yesterday i felt irritation in my left eye. i rubbed it forcefully and after it i slept for sometime. when i woke up i felt that my left eye size is... READ MORE

Solution for inconsistent eyelids that often change shape and size? Blepharoplasty an option? (photo)

My eyelids change shape and size nearly every morning. One day they will be droopy and small and the next day ill have my full pretty big lids back.... READ MORE

Can I Change my asian Eyes into Caucasian Eyes? (photos)

I wonder if I can make my eyes look Caucasian. I'm actually white and don't want to get mistaken for an asian anymore. I wanna know what makes my eyes... READ MORE

Can Surgery Change Your Eye Shape?

I feel my eyes are slightly too small and high up in my face, so i wondered can you have surgery to cut below the lower eyelid to shape them bigger... READ MORE

Surgery to change eye shape to cat/almond and costs? (photos)

Hello, I always had issues with my eyes as I have medical conditions like thyroid, low iron and other stuff so I am constantly feeling like my eyes... READ MORE

Why are my eyes weird? (photos)

Firstly what shape are my eyes? i hate the way they look! is there a way to change them? how? and why do i have such deep eye crease? someti READ MORE

My eyes are on different levels. Any suggestions? (photos)

My eyes are on different levels and im becoming more self concious, I started noticing this not long ago, anyway fixing this? Also i think its affect... READ MORE

Is it possible to change my parallel eyelids to tapered eyelids? (photos)

Is it possible to change my parallel eyelids to tapered eyelids? My eyelid crease is very uneven and I have a lot of excess muscle/fat on my eyelids... READ MORE

Could Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery Be Related to This Serious Condition or Change in my Vision? (photo)

Elevated blood pressure due to anesthesia worn off during Upper Blepharoplasty surgery, operation continued to find tendons to connect from previous... READ MORE

Is there change in contour or shape of upper eyelid? (photo)

I had congenital retraction in my left upper eyelid and I had mullerectomy in April unfortunately I got drooping eyelid and I had ptosis surgery (... READ MORE

My eyes change size throughout the day. What is the cause of all this? Also, is there a way to make my eyes stable?

Hello, I notice that my eyes change size throughout the day. When I wake up, they are medium, but when I return from school, they become large. Also,... READ MORE

I hate what has happened to me in the last year. I wish I could go back to how I was. Any suggestions? (photos)

Im 18 years old and i used to consider myself attractive but over the last 6 to 12 months my face has changed so much i hate myself now, my eyes have... READ MORE

What can be done against drooping eyelids and to change eye shape in 19 year old? (photos)

I am a 19 year old male. My eyes have always made me particularly self-conscious. I have included 2 photos of my eyes. I don't like the shape of my... READ MORE

Which Surgery To Change my Eye Shape?

Hey so I was wondering if there was any cosmetic surgery to change the shape of my eyes. I have protruding/prominent eyes and I wanna know is there... READ MORE

What did Jennifer Morrison have done to get these natural subtle changes to her eyes?

Jen has similar eyes to my own which I would qualify as hooded lids. Her eyes were always small but I've noticed that there's been a subtle change... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery? Planning to change my eye shape (Photo)

I strongly believe I have a great eye color but for some reason my eyes don't look really good to me. I thought that rhinoplasty would dramatically... READ MORE

What can change after 1 month after blepharoplasty? How can my eyelids further improve? (photos)

I'm 9 days post upper eyelid surgery and I'm quite disappointed, first of all, there are two creases on my eye, the beginning of the new higher crease... READ MORE

What treatment was done to lift this models eyes? Droopy to cat eye transformation. (photos)

This model I have been following for years used to have very droopy eyes and now has upturned corners and overall lift around the eyes and eyebrows. I... READ MORE

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