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Slanted Almond Shaped Eyes (Caucasian) - Can This Be Fixed?

Hi, I am a 30 year old caucasion woman and am very insecure with the shape of my eyes. I've been made fun of in school as a child and people still... READ MORE

Could I Change my Eye Shape? From Caucasian to Asian Eyes.

Hello, I'm half chinees and half Surinamees. Most of my family is chinees and I live in Taiwan.. They never believe i'm part chinees, because... READ MORE

Can I Change my Caucasian Eyes into Asian Eyes?

I search for a surgery wich make my eyes look more asian. I dont want a singel eye lid but i want to look cloose to the south american or filipino... READ MORE

Changing my Eyes into Asian Looking Eyes?

I was looking through similar questions to this one and i couldn't quite find the answer i am looking for!! I want to change my eyes to look like... READ MORE

What's the Procedure of the Surgery to Get Almond Shaped Eyes? (photo)

I am Caucasian, I have epicanthal folds and I would like to have almond shaped eyes. Above all, I'd like to have sharper inner conners. Could you... READ MORE

Can I Change my asian Eyes into Caucasian Eyes? (photos)

I wonder if I can make my eyes look Caucasian. I'm actually white and don't want to get mistaken for an asian anymore. I wanna know what makes my eyes... READ MORE

How long does it take to fully recover from conjunctiva muller's muscle resection?

I am having ptosis surgery performed soon. I have less than 2mm that needs to be corrected an responded positively to a phenylephrine test, I was told... READ MORE

How Do I Reduce my Epicanthal Folds? (photo)

I'm an 18 year old Caucasian, who was born with epicanthal folds (my mother has them slightly) & they've made me look slightly down syndrome my... READ MORE

Possible to Make Caucasian Eyes Look Asian?

I've heard it's impossible/very difficult to make Caucasian eyes look exactly oriental, but none of them have been experts. I'd want to change my eyes... READ MORE

What surgeries are done to make asian eyes more caucasian?

I am a full korean female, but I have relatively large eyes and double eyelids. However, I would like my eyes to look more westernized/Caucasian since... READ MORE

Can Blepharoplasty and Canthoplasty Help Caucasians Achieve a Larger-looking Eye?

Although I would not NEED to undergo blepharoplasty since I have the so-called "eyelid crease" many Asians try to achieve, I still would... READ MORE

Surgery to Create Monolids?

There are so many surgeries out there to get rid of the monolid and get bigger eyes, but what about the other way around? Is there ANYONE out there... READ MORE

Is there plastic surgery to increase interpupillary distance?

I have a very short interpupillary distance according to my eye doctor. Is there a surgery that could increase interpupillary distance or make very... READ MORE

How Young is Too Young for Lower Blepharoplasty?

I'm 16, caucasian, female, and I'm interested in getting lower blepharoplasty, but I'm not sure if I qualify. I have very loose, thin, somewhat... READ MORE

Plastic surgery for 'small eye openings'? (Caucasian)

My 15 year old niece (caucasian) is often teased because her 'eye openings' are small, causing her to look like she has small eyes. Is there a... READ MORE

Can I completely remove my epicanthal fold?

Im caucasian not asian so it looks strange on me. its rather mild but its still obvious and makes me look "off." also i have a very high nose bridge... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to extend the inner corners of the eye?

Like a lateral canthoplasty except to extend the inner corners. I'm Caucasian if this is relevant. Also, I know this surgery would be highly risky,... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery for young caucasian? Epicanthal fold. (photos)

I am a 23 years old caucasian woman who have (weirdly) hooded eyes. If I relax my eyebrows, they feel really heavy. I have a slight epicanthal fold... READ MORE

Possibilities Regarding Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I'm a Caucasian male and have that "droopy eyelid" thing going on. I'm only 17 going on 18 and have thought about surgery regarding this for years so... READ MORE

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