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Is there a procedure to make your eyes bigger? (Photo)

It's a simple question, so it's odd that I've been able to find any definitive answers. If there are no issues like ptosis, droopiness or hooded eyes,... READ MORE

What is a Blepharoplasty - What Does It Do?

Can a eyelid doctor explain blehparoplasty and how it works READ MORE

Graves Disease, Can Surgery Fix my Eyes?

I have just been diagnosed with Graves Disease. My eyes are gritty, itchy and swollen/bulging. I can also see a yellowish build up at the outside... READ MORE

31 Too Young for Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Hi, I'm 31 years old and feel that my upper eyelids are already sagging, making me look tired and old... It runs in my family - my mother has a... READ MORE

Is 18 Years Old Too Young for Eyelid Surgery?

My baby sister is turning 18 in a week and for the past year, she has been saving her money for an upper eyelid surgery. Her upper eyes are and have... READ MORE

My Right Eyelid & Brow Droop Causing my Eyes to Look Uneven. Could Surgery Help? (photo)

It is also particularly noticeble in close up pictures.It makes me feel self concious regarding my appearance. Would cosmetic surgery a) be able to... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty for Tear Trough Bags?

I tried fillers for my tear trough bags, and it only made the problem worse! Can a lower blepharoplasty correct this and get rid of the bags? READ MORE

Timing of Ptosis Correction Surgery on Newborn

I am a mother of a newborn. My son who is only 13 days old today is diagnosed with congenital Ptosis at his right eye. He does not open it or only... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old and suffer from under-eye puffiness. Candidate For Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty or Restylane Filler?(photo)

I am 27 years old and suffer from under-eye puffiness. I'm in dire need to correct this situation in order to restore my youth and happiness and not... READ MORE

When will PLEXR plasma eye lift treatments be available in the United States? (Photo)

Hi, I have some heaviness in my upper lids, mostly at the ourer corners, and I was wondering if I would be a good candidate for PLEXR and when will it... READ MORE

When Eyelashes Are Being Pushed Downward, is Eyelid Surgery Medically Necessary?

What are the most common scenarios for eyelid surgery to be deemed medically necessary? READ MORE

Will Eyelid Surgery Make Eyes Appear Bigger?

Hi i have a long face with really small eyes that practically disappear when taking pictures. I was wondering if eyelid surgery would make my eyes... READ MORE

Can Someone Who Has Mild Blepheritis and Mild Dry Eye Get Upper and Lower Eyelifts?

I have mild blepharitis (mild in that it rarely bothers me-I have a light daily routine of washing the lids w/ warm water and a Q-tip) I had the... READ MORE

Will Tipplasty And Canthopexy Be Good For Me?

Hi Doctors :D I want to get a canthopexy to make my eyes look more almond feline shape look less round. I like the raised eye look, my eyes are too... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery - Candidate With Blepharochalasis?

I found out last week from an eye specialist that I might have blepharochalasis. This is the first time I have heard of this syndrome. I have had... READ MORE

What is Recommended for Inner Corner Up Eyelids and the Puffy Bags That Form Under my Eyes That ONLY Show when I Smile? (photo)

I had a facelift in 1995 and only remember I had a left droopy eyelid that was corrected and had some problem healing the lid. Often the inner corners... READ MORE

My Eyes Have Become my Greatest Problem (photo)

Ive always had sleepy eys.But really my eyes bulge profusely.I take eye drops but they are not working.My eyes still burn everyday.Awake or a sleep.As... READ MORE

Can I Have Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery if I Have Dry Eyes?

My tear test was 4mm. I have some puffiness in the lower lids and some excess skin in the upper lids. I take antihistamines (Benadryl) regularly,... READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty/Lateral Canthoplasty. Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

I'm 21 and I wanted to do the surgeries as stated since 14.I am not confident with my look and I hope to enhance my face feature by undergoing the... READ MORE

Can You Perform Blepharoplasty for Hollow Lower Eyelids?

Can you perform Blepharoplasty for hollow lower eyelids to pull the skin upward? READ MORE

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