Burn + Eyelid Surgery

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What is the Best Treatment for an Eyelid Burn Victim?

What kind of procedure would be necessary to repair eyelids that don't close properly?    READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Redo on Damaged Skin?

I have already had lower blepharoplasty. However, the results have been ruined from burns from hot water around my eyes. Is it possible to have... READ MORE

Any Product That a Plastic Surgeon or Burn Specialist Can Recommend to Reduce Tightness Of Eyelid Injury?

I had lower blepharoplasty 2 years ago. During recovery period in a state of anxiety I applied boiled (not cooled) salty water very briefly on the... READ MORE

Can my Eyes Be Fixed and Look Symmetrical Ever Again? (photo)

I did an eyelid surgery on both of my eyes but the doctor did a good job on my left eye and left my right eyelid looking disfigured!!..I stopped... READ MORE

What is the outlook of a like medial cantoplasty procedure to narrow the inner corner of my right eye which was burned? (photo)

With a cigarette 5 years ago.You can see that the corner, or angle vertex, is less sharp in my right eye. This is very small of a disfigurement but... READ MORE

Radiation burned eyelids are contacting because they are rubbery with no blood flow.

Is there a doctor in California who is willing to put stem cell/fat into them to see if the remaining tissues ( eyelids) come back to life ? I have... READ MORE

I would like to know if there is a solution for this - I cant close my eyes. 3 weeks post-op.

I had a blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago. But. My eyes do not close properly ... they weigh and burn me and I have a lot of sensitivity to light I am very... READ MORE

Can the eye opening that has become shrunken with scar tissue be expanded?

I lost an entire inch from a heating device that went awry. I was very inflammed and burned. My eyes look so small now. The lids and lashes shrunk, as... READ MORE

My eyes brain, burn and swell if I don't use lubricating ointment. What can I do and will it ever resolve?

Ever since my blepharoplasty 7 years ago, I have to use lubricating ointment in under both upper and lower lids nightly. If I don't my eyes drain,... READ MORE

Can you recommend any specialists who deal with radiation eyelid burns?

I'm willing to travel overseas or try anything experimental. So far I'm not having much luck. I am trying to avoid needing grafts. Is there s apecific... READ MORE

Can you perform a lateral canthoplasty on burned faces?

If you run out of eye canthus? Where does it come from, the extra skin? READ MORE

My problem is a fungal infection that occurs in the fold of the eyelid. Is eyelid surgery the answer?

My problem is not so much impaired vision but what I think is a little fungal infection that occurs in the fold of the eyelid. I live in a warmer... READ MORE

Can you get the eye opening bigger with surgery, even though it will be obvious?

I had a thermal burn to the top of my face, and i lost an inch of eye opening. so I may also need skin grafts for lids...can this be done? I realize... READ MORE

How long does it need for graft in burned upper lid to look same as the natural?

I lost 75% of my upper. Doctor took a graft from the back of my ear. I did the surgery in mid of january 2017 it still not formed as it should be even... READ MORE

Oculoplast forehead oculi questions.. if the my forehead and obicularis oculi is burned and stuck. Any suggestions?

This is giving me a flat Asianot eye, instead of an open eye. Bad tech w a heating device. It's fibrotic now. I want my eye shape back that was shaped... READ MORE

Neocutis creams, there are many brands. Does anyone know the type for skin thickening/oculoplastic?

My eyelids are disintegrating from a thermal burn. My nerves were attacking itself w electricity in a freak reaction.. I have lost 4mm length and 1... READ MORE

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