Bulging + Eyelid Surgery

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Bulging Eyes: What Surgery is Suitable for Me?

I have been tested, no thyroid. My eyelids are thin, i guess it is my eyeball that is bulging out. I have huge and protuding eyes, it seems like it is... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Smaller?

I don't like my eyes because I think they are too big. They remind me of bug eyes. Is there a surgery to change the whole shape of my eyes and make... READ MORE

Graves Disease, Can Surgery Fix my Eyes?

I have just been diagnosed with Graves Disease. My eyes are gritty, itchy and swollen/bulging. I can also see a yellowish build up at the outside... READ MORE

Bulging Eyes- What Are My Options?

I have fairly big, bulging eyes. My doctor thought it was because of a thyroid problem but after running test, it turns out that my thyroid is normal.... READ MORE

My Left Eye is Bulging?

My left eye is bulging more than the right so my ophthalmologist sent me to a specialist about possible graves disease. The dr looked at my eyes said... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Bug Eyes? (photo)

Im tired of people saying im an alien,frog,owl etc..... im a real nice person and no girl would ever date me because of my ugly bulging eyes. how can... READ MORE

Bulge Directly Under Eyelids After Lower Bleph. Residual Swelling?

I had a lower bleph 2 1/2 weeks ago. As acute swelling died down, I noticed I now have direct bulges under my eyelid incisions. I know I am early in... READ MORE

How could I get rid of my bulgy eyes? (Photo)

Firstly, i DO NOT have graves disease (that's been completely ruled out, these eyes are hereditary). Other than orbital decompression, is there a way... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for genetic bulging/prominent eyes? (Photo)

I'm 27, male, and healthy. I don't have Graves' disease or any thyroid problems. This is just the way my face looks. My eyes are naturally prominent... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for bulging eyes? (photo)

Diagnosed with Graves' disease 11 years ago. Had surgery to remove thyroid. Taking synthroid daily. Seeking treatment options to reduce eye bulging;... READ MORE

Do I Have Negative Eye Vector or Sclera Show? (photo)

Hello, I have noticed that my eyes have a relatively buldgy appearance and am not completely sure if this is due to possible having negative eye... READ MORE

What is the fat bulging from the outer corner of my eye? (Photo)

The fat in outer corner my is bulging. I have no idea why. What is it and what can I do to fix it? READ MORE

Do I Have Ptosis? Will My Eye Bulging Go Away After Spectacles?

My left eye is slightly bulged then right eye, i consulted an eye specialist and he said the bulging is due to increased number & axis but will go... READ MORE

Expected Results from Orbital Decompression? (photo)

I was born with bugling eyes,it is eyeballs bugling i guess that the curve of my eyeballs is high that it bugle outside my head in side profile ,would... READ MORE

Solutions for Overexposed Upper Eyelids?

Hello, I was wondering if a doctor could answer this specified question of mine. Overexposed upper eyelids are not aesthetic for men and often give... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix my Eye Asymmetry (Orbital)? (photo)

I am 18 years old, male, and wondering what can be done to reduce the asymmetries present in my eyes. Is this due to a difference in orbital... READ MORE

What Eyelid Surgery Procedures Help Bulging Eyes Due to Graves' Disease?

It is fairly typical that one surgery proves effective for correcting bulging eyes due to Graves' Disease? What medications are needed after the... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Correct Big, Bulging Eyes?

I am having mild left eye axial proptosis for 8yrs, now I am 24. Doctors said that it was due to facial asymmetry. but craniofacial surgeon said that... READ MORE

Bulging eyes due to high myopia and genetic reasons. Is cosmetic orbital decompression recommended?

I have bulging eyes because of high myopia (-6.00 both eyes). I also believe it is genetic because my dad and my sister also have bulging eyes in... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression without Graves Disease! (photo)

Hi there, My eyes keep bulging and look creepy...I have checked so I know it's not graves disease. My eyes use to be normal, so I know I'm not born... READ MORE

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