Blowout + Eyelid Surgery

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I Had a Blowout Fracture on 6/15/2013. Now my Left Eye Looks Sunken In, Will Surgery Correct This Problem? (photo)

I really want my eye to look how it used to be, but I am concerned with possible complications of surgery. Below are the before and after pictures. I... READ MORE

Three Months After Orbital Blowout. Lower Lid Dropping? (photo)

Medpore placed under my eye. Healing was going ok but now seems to have taken a turn for the worse and the lower lid is dropping. Two weeks ago i was... READ MORE

Can my eye still be fixed? I had a blowout fracture two years ago, never had surgery and now I have a sunken eye. (photo)

I'm just wondering if it is still possible to have surgery so my eye doesn't look sunken in.. (my vision is fine) I didn't have the surgery because I... READ MORE

Enophthalmos 2 yrs after orbital blowout repair of right eye due to blunt eye trauma. Can it be improved? (photos)

I have 1-2mm of enophthalmos (guessing). I have diplopia in upward gaze and outward gaze starting around 20 degrees. My eyelid is droopy now and is... READ MORE

Orbital blowout question in regards to having surgery done or letting the eye heal itself?

My father has an orbital blowout on his right floor orbit. He is an elderly man with limited vision due to restricted blood to his cornea. The injury... READ MORE

Will insurance pay for me to have my orbital blowout fracture fixed if my vision is still ok?

I plan to go see a surgeon soon but im wondering if my insurance will pay for me to have my medial blowout fracture fixed. I chose not to have surgery... READ MORE

Searching for Opinions Creating Symmetry Underneath Eyes- Want Conservative Approach W/best Results? (photo)

Probably undergoing surgery for the upper lids with ocular ps -not too concerned with that. But, also want to address underneath eyes for symmetry... READ MORE

What is a rough estimate of surgical repair cost? (photos)

I feel very self-conscious about my facial symmetry and the noticeable difference in my eyes. I was punched in the left eye years ago and I think the... READ MORE

I think I've developed a chalazion. I had surgery to correct a blowout fracture 8 weeks ago. Could they be related?

The lump is pea sized, on the lower ridge of my eye socket and pushes up on my eye at times. It is slightly painful. I noticed it three weeks ago,... READ MORE

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