Blockage + Eyelid Surgery

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Is There Any Other Way to Open The Tear Gland Without a Surgery? (photo)

I have a swell on both eyes, I went to the eye clinic to check and the doctor said my tear gland was blocked and needed to be opened but as I live in... READ MORE

Tear Build Up 1 Month After Bletharplasty- Blocked Tear Duct?

I had upper and lower bletharplasty done approx 4 weeks ago. Right after procedure I noticed that tears were accumulation in the corner of my right... READ MORE

Did my upper Eyelid Surgery result in blocked oil glands & blepharitis, will it be chronic or eventually resolve itself? photo

I had a face lift and upper eyelid surgery about 2 1/2 years ago. I have been happy with the results up until about a year ago. The problem began when... READ MORE

Would Medial Epicanthoplasty Resolve My Issue?

Blocked Tear Duct Treatment: Surgery to eliminate the obstruction of the tear duct or to create a new tear duct. Would medial epicanthoplasty resolve... READ MORE

I've had chronic lower eyelid inflammation and occasional styes since eyelid surgery. Could it be scar tissue blockage? (Photo)

I was poked in the eye about 2.5 years ago and had a cut on my lower eyelid that did not heal. I went to a couple of eye doctors that gave me... READ MORE

Weeping eye 2 years after surgery.

I had my eyelids done about 2 years ago. one now weeps most days. the tears dont drain away and end up running down my face as if I am crying. i... READ MORE

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