Blindness + Eyelid Surgery

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Risk of Eyelid Surgery Causing Permanent Blindness or Double Vision

I Read That Eyelid Surgery Can Cause Permanent Blindness or Double Vision, is This a Risk? How are the eyes protected to avoid this possible risk? READ MORE

1 in 30,000 Become Blind After Eyelid Surgery - Fact or Fiction?

Is it true that in 30000 eyelid surgeries 1 person becomes permanently blind ? Isn't this value too high ? READ MORE

Canthoplasty Risks - Blindness?

I learn't that blindness is a risk of canthoplasty. Is there a way to prevent blindness ? Are there any new techniques that eliminates this risk ? READ MORE

Is Blindness a Risk of Canthopexy?

Is there a risk of getting permanently blind after a canthopexy surgery ? READ MORE

Traumatic Ptosis in Right Eye

I'm 16/m, When I was about 2-3 I fell on a pipe, my retina fully detached, they removed my right eye's lens. My whole life my right eye lid has been... READ MORE

How safe is blepharoplasty?

I am looking into getting upper blepharoplasty for my right eye (local anaesthesia) because the eyelid is fairly droopy and I want them to match. I am... READ MORE

Could surgery help correct asymmetry between eyelids and orbital bone? (Photo)

When I was born I unfortunately got stuck in the birth canal, sunny side up, with my right arm covering my right eye. In order to get me out the... READ MORE

I was born blind in my left eye which is also smaller and the eyeball stay ore to the inside corner. Any suggestion? (photos)

I was born blind in my left eye which is also smaller and the eyeball stayore to the inside corner I never found out why and what caused this but life... READ MORE

I want to know about the treatment of my eyes. Can I get equal eye size by any surgery? (Photo)

The problem is that, my right eye is much smaller than the left, It was byborn( i am of 21)the problem is that I cant see with my right eye. It's not... READ MORE

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