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Best Approach for Tear Troughs?

I am 30 year-old male with tear trough at lower eyelids, like dark circles. Last year, I developed some small bags that make the dark circles worse. I... READ MORE

When to Seek a Oculoplastic Surgeon As Opposed to a Facial Surgeon?

I have had two different surgeries on my lower eyes. Neither worked. Where should I go fo the best eye surgery? READ MORE

Excessive Skin Folds Below Eye Crease - Best Treated with Upper Bleph?

I am 36-yrs old and have no problems with my eyes, except for this extra skin below my eye crease. Would treatment of this skin be an upper bleph or... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Surgery Specialist - I Am Looking for the Best

I am 35. I have always had slight eyebags. In 2007 a surgeon told me that I needed Quadrilateral conj. Blep. After surgery for 2yrs I couldn't... READ MORE

What is the best technique for bilateral Blepharoplasty for my eyes? (Photo)

What is the best technique/equipment, i.e. marking (for symmetry), excising the skin & muscle (minimizing tissue drag and maintaining homeostasis), is... READ MORE

When is the best time to get blepharoplasty procedure?

Is it better to get blepharoplasty done while your younger and have minor signs of aging or later when the damage is more significant? (I'm 41) READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty or brow lift? (Photos)

Hello doctors. My eyelids are very heavy and cause me to look angry or sad even when I'm not. I've been wanting a blepharoplasty but recently I've... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for my eyes? I prefer not to do surgery. (photos)

I posted before, but didn't have good pictures. I'm 32 and would like to do something about my sagging eyelids. They make me look tired and puffy READ MORE

Trying to decide between another lower bleph or laser resurfacing for under eye.

I have a deep groove and very lax skin under my left eye. Some doctors are suggesting doing another lower bleph (had one done in November of 2012) and... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for lower eyelids with wrinkles, loose skin, and hollowness? (Photo)

I plan to have both my lower and upper eyelids done soon. The lower eyelids have fine wrinkles, loose skin and hollowness. I had fat transfer to the... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for my lower eyelids? (photo)

I would like to improve the appearance of my eyelids. Make it looks more youthful and less tired. Doctor suggested upper blepharoplasty. But for lower... READ MORE

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