Astigmatism + Eyelid Surgery

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My eyes are "off-center". What eye condition is this caused by? Is this correctable through surgery? (photos)

It seems as though my eyes are not perfectly centered with one another. Is this a form of strabismus? Is this due to astigmatism? Or is it a type of... READ MORE

Can Surgery Help with Asymmetry of the Eyelid and Eye?

I have astigmatism and I'm not sure if that is the reason why my eyes are asymetrical. Can surgery help this? Do you have any other suggestions... READ MORE

Why does one of my eyes look different than the other? (Photo)

As you can tell from my photos one of my eyes is normal looking and the other is smaller and looks squinty. I've looked at photos of myself as a child... READ MORE

Do I Have Ptosis or Just "Hooded Lids?"

I have always had "droopy eyelids" from birth. I am a 27 year old caucasion female and it seems that it is getting worse. I'm not sure... READ MORE

Double eyelid and lasik eye surgery.

Im in my 20s, short sighted with astigmatism since i was young and Im thinking of doing lasik in the beginning of 2015 but I also want to do double... READ MORE

One eye bigger than the other. What are my options?

Hey, I went to the doctor like a year and a half ago. I had astigmatism in one of my eyes, so I had to buy glasses. I did. But it doesn't actually... READ MORE

Could astigmatism cause eyebrow imbalance? (Photo)

My right eye down is higher and has a distorted shape compared to my left eyebrow. I have astigmatism particularly in my right eye. Could the... READ MORE

What can be done about my asymmetrical eyes? Could I have an underlying condition causing the asymmetry? (Photo)

My eyes are asymmetrical. I have always attributed it to my astigmatism, but at times the difference is greater and more pronounced than others. This... READ MORE

Eyelid asymmetry question (is correction possible?) (photos)

I don't know if my eyelids have always looked this way, but I'm certain they have these past 3 years at least (I hadn't paid attention to my eyelids... READ MORE

Can a prolonged chalazion cause long-term astigmatism in adults?

My upper left eyelid developed a chalazion five months ago which was causing irregular astigmatism. After several visits with my ophthalmologist, my... READ MORE

Can I fix bulging eye? (Photo)

Hi One of my eyes (my right) bulges a lot. So I was wondering if maybe I had a thyroid problem or some other form of eye problem. Also I am near... READ MORE

Do you think I have ptosis? What's causing the eyebrow to go up? (photo)

I also have astigmatisms in both eyes, but I'm not sure how that is related. Worried about the cost of surgery or if vision or health insurance would... READ MORE

Issues with upper eyelid blepharoplasty to correct side visual field loss. what is normal? Should I let him correct or not?

My blepharoplasty was late September. It caused "halo's" around items (which have since gone away), double vision, and my right eye feels "heavy" -... READ MORE

I have extremely asymmetric eyes. Is there anything that can be done? (photo)

This problem makes me feel extremely unattractive and awkward, especially since a person's eyes are the thing most people notice about you first. I'm... READ MORE

Cornea scratched 1 year ago February during eye lid surgery. Dramatic change in astigmatism - blurred & double vision remains

Had upper/lower eyelid surgery 1 years ago February. Issue is persistent blurred vision - dramatic change in astigmatism - blurred and double vision... READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyes?The right one seems to be larger than the left. It is also harder to see out of the right eye.(photo)

I've had two surgeries in my life for lazy eye. I've been told I have a lot of astigmatism in both eyes, especially the right. It's hard to look to... READ MORE

Do I have ptosis on my right eye? Do I need a blepharoplasty on my right eye? (photos)

My left eye is perfect. The problem is my right eye. My right eye feels and looks droopy and is hard to open unless I subconsciously try to open it... READ MORE

Is a small beady eyes appearance a result of small eyeballs? How can small eyeballs be diagnosed( CT scan)? (Photo)

It is generally accepted that the eye size is constant amongst humans with no significant variations and that the orbit is what determines eye... READ MORE

Difference in eye shapes and/or eyeballs? (Photos)

I can see a big difference between my eyes when especially when I smile for pictures. It's pretty obvious with a straight face as well. The right eye... READ MORE

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