Arch + Eyelid Surgery

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What can be done to help fix incisions that are too high with too much skin removed? (photos)

R eye platform higher than left but eye looks smaller. Eyes look more asymmetrical than before. Incisions too high, arch too high. Thinking of filler... READ MORE

Drooping right eyebrow and eyelid, left eyebrow is arched and open more? (Photo)

Hello, i am 34 years old, never had anything done on my face. In the last 4 years my face has became very asymmethrical. My right eyebrow and eyelid... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Left Eyelid?

I cannot upload a pic. but will try to explain best i can. my left eyelid seems to droop alot more than my right and it is very noticable. i sleep... READ MORE

Failed mullerectomy? No improvements. (photos)

I had a mullerectomy on my left eye about three weeks ago for congenital potsis and I don't see any improvements. Will just have accept the asymmetry... READ MORE

Drooping eye since surgery: The surgeon told me it was permanent and nothing could be done about it. Is he right?

I had a benign tumor removed from my spine,which left my right eye drooping and my right eyebrow strangely arched,which gets worse in bright light . I... READ MORE

What would I need to do to make my supra orbital arch look better? (photo)

My supra orbital arch looks really weird and it bothers. I feel like I barely have the bone. It's hard to explain but I have a photo. I think I also... READ MORE

I'm a male and my eye area has a feminine arch upwards- I hate it. Lower set eyebrows possible? (photo)

Can surgery give me lower set eyebrows? (It's the area between my upper eyelid and eyebrow- it's puffy & bulges out, red x's in pic) I want lower set... READ MORE

One eye is sunken while the other is bigger and more alerted? What can be done? (Photo)

It is hard to tell just with photos but my eyes are uneven. My left eye looks more alerted, it is bigger and I know it is caused by my brow bone which... READ MORE

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