Anesthesia + Eyelid Surgery

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Can Eyelid Surgery Be Done Without Anesthesia?

Can bleph eyelid surgery be done without anesthesia?  If so, how does it work? READ MORE

Are You Awake During Blepharoplasty Surgery?

I hear that blepharoplasty is done with local anesthesia does this mean you are awake? READ MORE

Steroids & Anesthesia?

How does taking steroids affect anesthesia? READ MORE

Local Injections for Upper Eyelid Surgery and Laser Under Eyes?

I was wondering, has anyone had upper eyelid surgery with local anesthetic injections? My doctor also recommends laser treatment for under lower... READ MORE

What Type of Anesthesia Do You Recommend for a Facelift/upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Is twilight anesthesia safe for a 4+ hour facelift, bleph. upper and lower READ MORE

Tired, heavy eyelids 10 days post op upper and lower bleph (Photo)

I had eyelids surgery 10 days ago and I am healing quickly and very nicely visually. I still have anesthesia light/heavy headed periods that come and... READ MORE

Is it advisable to undergo bilateral ptosis surgery under general anesthesia?

I am having surgery soon and my doctor recommended going under general anesthesia since my insurance is covering procedure and I might be a little... READ MORE

Should You Be Put Under when Having Reconstrution on Lower Eye Due to Ectropion?

Can it be ectropion beceause you have to resupport the ligament? or is that too complicated to do while awake? READ MORE

Please Give me Advice: Blepharoplasty (photo)

I am planning to have blep on my upper eyelids but want to know the risks beforehand... A surgeon told me there is no risk of going blind because of... READ MORE

White Coat Syndrome - Beta Blockers or Valium with General Anesthesia

Bleph was cancelled twice- blood pressure was 170/100. At home -110/68, even 93/65 (taking Micardis HCT daily). Dr prescribed beta-blocker (Bystolic 2... READ MORE

Looking for Doctor who Offers Under Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty) w/o General Anesthesia?

Hi, I'm in the Los Angeles area and I am looking for a surgeon who specializes in lower blepharoplasty, who is willing to do the procedure without... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty/Facelift Anesthesia?

Hello Doctors, I want an upper and lower blepharoplasty AND a face and neck lift. I've read on RealSelf that doctors think patients should get both... READ MORE

Is it possible to get droopy eye lids from local anesthetic at the dentists office? (Photo)

I have a droopy eye lid that I noticed right after going to the dentist about 12 years ago. She had to give me local anesthetic me a few times because... READ MORE

When chalazion require surgery? Please help. (photos)

My daughter 14 years old start to have a stye Aug. 3 after a couple days it was almost gone .On August 11 start again on both eyes. The doctor give... READ MORE

Quad bleph and lower lid transfer - best/safest anesthesia choice?

I'm scheduled for Quad Bleph with lower lid fat transfer. Some would consider me a highly anxious person. What is the most comfortable but safest form... READ MORE

Can alar base reduction be performed in combination with upper lip lift?

I would really like your professional opinion on combined procedure. Since the incision for both need to be made under the nose, is there a risk of... READ MORE

Has the Ptosis Occured Because of my Heart Condition. If I Undergo a Surgery Will Anesthesia Effect my Heart Condition?

Age : 27 , Weight :72 Kgs ptosis in my left eyeoccured almost 3 yrs ago. The condition has been statis since then. I respond well to light... READ MORE

Could Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery Be Related to This Serious Condition or Change in my Vision? (photo)

Elevated blood pressure due to anesthesia worn off during Upper Blepharoplasty surgery, operation continued to find tendons to connect from previous... READ MORE

Allergic reaction to anesthesia? Concerns about future eyelid surgery?

Dear Doctors, How are you? I recently had an aspiration abortion with IV sedation for about 5 minutes. The procedure was successful, but I experienced... READ MORE

What is the Cost of the Anesthetist for Upper Eyelid Surgery?

What is the added cost for the anesthetist and operating room for upper lids blepharoplasty? The geographical location is Seattle, WA or Spokane, WA.... READ MORE

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