Anchor + Eyelid Surgery

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Bumped Eye After Anchor Stitch Blepharoplasty- Have I Done Damage?

I am six weeks post upper and lower blepharoplasty. The underye muscle has been anchored with a permanent stitch to the bone. Tonight I bumped my eye... READ MORE

Why the different eye shape after lower bleph? Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had under eye bags and decided to have a lower bleph. A week post op and the bags are gone but now I'm getting cat eyes. They don't go with my face.... READ MORE

How to Anchor Medial Brow Lift with Upper Blep 18 Mo. After Coronal Brow Disaster?

Endotine won't work as left medial is paralyzed--1" lower than right eyebrow! Oculoplastic says do direct brow lift which makes horrid scar! Option?... READ MORE

Lower bleph and cheek lift. Anchor blepharoplasty. (Photo)

5 months after botched surgery where surgeon cut sides of eyes and apparently degloved/destroyed under eye attachments to place hideous medpor malar... READ MORE

Was my lower blepharoplasty over done? (photos)

My eyes are smaller and so tight that I can't pull down the lower lid at all. They are also asymetrical and more slanted. Dr. Says he had to anchor... READ MORE

Anchor blepharoplasty and anchor sutures - for upper lids only?

What exactly is anchor blepharoplasty, and how exactly is it different from other blepharoplasties please? Is this used for upper lids only? Is this 1... READ MORE

How common is white line levator dehiscence? Including locating the elevator, mobilizing orbital fat, and anchor blepharoplasty.

One good surgeon has seen my eyes and told me that I have a complicated type of ptosis called a white line levator dehiscence. He suggested a surgery... READ MORE

Brows anchored to bone & blepharoplasty upper & lower/pinch performed 1 week ago. Brows have a deep pin cushion affect (Photos)

Brows anchored to bone and blethorplasty upper and lower and pinch performed one week ago. Brows have a deep pin cushion affect and and I'm concerned.... READ MORE

Confused about anchor blepharoplasty and ptosis

I have slight ptosis in one eye and as a result, my lashes are obviously more droopy than my "normal" eye as well. I keep reading about anchor... READ MORE

Smaller hoods once swelling subsides? I'm 7 days post upper anchor blepharoplasty.

I am Day 7 after upper anchor bleph that I paid AU$20k for to get a 'natural' look by Melbourne's supposed best plastic surgeon. I've just had... READ MORE

Is anchor blepharoplasty successful? How do I find the best surgeon? (Photo)

15 months PO bilat ptosis repair. I wish I would've kept my natural eyes as I feel I traded one problem for another. Dr. steinsapir recommended anchor... READ MORE

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