Anchor + Eyelid Surgery

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Bumped Eye After Anchor Stitch Blepharoplasty- Have I Done Damage?

I am six weeks post upper and lower blepharoplasty. The underye muscle has been anchored with a permanent stitch to the bone. Tonight I bumped my eye... READ MORE

How to Anchor Medial Brow Lift with Upper Blep 18 Mo. After Coronal Brow Disaster?

Endotine won't work as left medial is paralyzed--1" lower than right eyebrow! Oculoplastic says do direct brow lift which makes horrid scar! Option?... READ MORE

Why the different eye shape after lower bleph? Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had under eye bags and decided to have a lower bleph. A week post op and the bags are gone but now I'm getting cat eyes. They don't go with my face.... READ MORE

Lower bleph and cheek lift. Anchor blepharoplasty. (Photo)

5 months after botched surgery where surgeon cut sides of eyes and apparently degloved/destroyed under eye attachments to place hideous medpor malar... READ MORE

Was my lower blepharoplasty over done? (photos)

My eyes are smaller and so tight that I can't pull down the lower lid at all. They are also asymetrical and more slanted. Dr. Says he had to anchor... READ MORE

Confused about anchor blepharoplasty and ptosis

I have slight ptosis in one eye and as a result, my lashes are obviously more droopy than my "normal" eye as well. I keep reading about anchor... READ MORE

Is anchor blepharoplasty successful? How do I find the best surgeon? (Photo)

15 months PO bilat ptosis repair. I wish I would've kept my natural eyes as I feel I traded one problem for another. Dr. steinsapir recommended anchor... READ MORE

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