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Droopy Eyelids - Alternatives to Eyelift Surgery?

I know an eyelift would work for my sagging eye lids....but what about non surgical ways to improve eye lids? READ MORE

I Have Heavy, Puffy Upper Eyelids. Are the Non-surgical Alternatives to Fix That?

My upper eyelids are very heavy and puffy. It's not because of my age--I was born with these eyes:) I would like to find an alternative solution... READ MORE

Are There Any Non-surgical Ways to Fix Under Eye Hollows?

I have really deep hallows under my eyes, which is causing me to look tired and like I have dark circles. I already consulted a plastic surgeon who... READ MORE

Eye Lift Without Surgery

On realself a doctor said you could lift your eyelids up without surgery by getting laser resurfacing. how can you get lasers done on such thin skin?... READ MORE

If I wear eyelid tape 22 hours a day for three months, will it make a new permanent crease in my eyelid?

I already have double eyelids, but my eyelids are uneven. It is hard to see that I have a double eyelid on my right eye. Also, will doing this stretch... READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants For Hollow Eyes; Anything Just As Effective? (photo)

I'm a young 24 year old but I have really bad Hollow eyes. It has been hard to find another case like mine, but I found one that is similar to me.... READ MORE

How to Get Almond Eyes Naturally?

Weird question I know. first Im to young for botox or any eye surgery. So I was wondering if there was an all natural way to do what I desire. I have... READ MORE

Will Hot Compresses Breakdown Fatty Tissue Under Eyelids?

My Dr tells me I have excess fatty tissue under my eyelids. He said to use hot compresses to breakdown this fatty tissue. Everything I have read in my... READ MORE

Non Surgical Help for Heavy and Uneven Eyelids? (photo)

Hello. I am unhappy with my uneven eyes, but not so unhappy enough for surgery just yet. Are there any non surgical treatments that can improve the... READ MORE

Can my Slightly Bulging Eyes Be Pushed Back?

I don't think I have thyroid disease; my eyes are most likely inherited from my dad since he has ones similar to mine. Instead of fat grafting,... READ MORE

Filler or Lower Blepharoplasty for Lower Lids? (photo)

I am 40 and have genetic under-eye hollowness. It has become markedly worse over the past few years. I really want to do something more on the... READ MORE

Volume Loss Under Eyes and Cheeks. Have Tried Fat Transfer, Restylane, Radiesse With No Results. Other Options? (photo)

I have a dent in the middle of my cheeks and volume loss under my eyes. I am a white 30 year old male 5'5 and 135 lb. I have tried fat transfer... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Surgery Fix Bulgy Eyes? I Need a Second Opinion. (photo)

My eyes are bulgy.I have included pictures.I have met with a eye specialist that my doctor recommended me to in order to correct the pain im feeling... READ MORE

Can I Get Almond Shaped Eyes Without Having Surgery?

Hello. I have big, rounded eyes. I always wanted to have almond shaped eyes. The outer corner to be slightly slanted upwards. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Im Not a Candidate for Blepharoplasty, So What Options Do I Have to Fix my Eyelids?(im 22)

Hi, After advice from doctors on realself i have decided not to go through with an upper blepharoplasty i had scheduled. My eyes are really getting me... READ MORE

Are There Any Other Eyelid Surgery Options Other Than Using a Scalpel to Cut and Tighten the Excess Skin on the Upper Eyelid?

I do not desire a scar so I'd like to know if there are other alternatives with the same results as cutting the skin. Thank you. READ MORE

I Would Like a Eye Lift Without Using Botox or Invasive Surgery Could Sculptra Do It?

What would you recommend for a natural eye lift ? I want it to look natural READ MORE

Blurry Vision After Blepharoplasty. Are There Any Options To Speed Up Healing? (photo)

Six weeks after blepharoplasty I am still using Gen Teal 10-20 times per day and having impaired vision unless I press on arrea around eye. I asked... READ MORE

27 Yr. Old Female with Crows Feet, and Droopy Hooded Eyes- What Are My Options?

What procedure is best for me? looking into Aluma, Botox, restylane, titan, surgery,?? I notice my eyes dropping more and hooded with an extra line in... READ MORE

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