Allergies + Eyelid Surgery

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My right eyelid always looks puffy or swollen. Why could that be? (photo)

I do have allergies. Is it because of that? When I close my eyes slightly, it seems like the crease is also uneven. Will eyelid surgery fix this? Thanks! READ MORE

Can't live with these huge under eye lines (dennie morgan folds) Can blepharoplasty fix this?

They are like big wrinkles. I also have very crepy skin in the corners.I've got thin skin in the area. Please don't tell me to get my allergies under... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to correct a misshapen eye which was brought about after a struggle with eye allergies?

My eyes were symmetrical before I had a chronic experience with an allergy, the most affected eye is the eye which appears misshapen. READ MORE

Wondering if too soon to have eyelid lift, and how long it takes to recover eye shape?

47 years old, having lower face lift to address early neck sagging. Eyelids are just starting to droop. Have allergies, droop more in morning, but... READ MORE

I get eczema on my eyelids. I also have an allergy to steroid creams and/or drops. Is eyelid surgery too risky for me? (photo)

I have had seasonal allergies all my life, which is probably one of the reasons my eyes are so droopy and baggy. Since I turned 40 I get constant... READ MORE

Should I get lower eyelid blepharoplasty or fillers under my eyes? (photos)

40 year old Latina. Father, mother and brother have huge bags under eyes so maybe genetic? Bags get worse with seasonal, but year round allergies. Is... READ MORE

Help for Tired Eyes - I am 36 years old (Photos)

My eyes have begun to look tired. Not so much "puffy". I also have allergies (I believe this has caused thin skin which may be my issue, I don't think... READ MORE

Can a swollen eyelid from dust mite allergy result in droopy eyelids? (photo)

So, a few months ago I had a dust mite allergy. I would wake up and find bumps on my arms, neck and legs and they would be pretty itchy. A few days... READ MORE

Is a lower eyelid blepharoplasty right for me? (Photos)

I am terrified to get this procedure but I am only 27 and I look MUCH older because of my bags. I am wondering if I am too young for this procedure,... READ MORE

I have hereditary puffiness under my eyes. I am considering lower eyelid surgery. Will it resolve the issue?

My eyes are very sensitive and react to allergies, lack of sleep, crying, etc. If I have the fat removed from under my eyelids, what will happen to... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lower blepharoplasty?

I'm 19 and have had under eye bags since I was really young. Allergy medication, eye serums, higher water intake, and more sleep have not helped. They... READ MORE

Can I do eyelid surgery even though I have severe allergies and frequent swollen upper lids? (photo)

Hello..i suffer from allergies very often and this put a huge impact on my upper eye lid, as it gets swelled times and time repeatedly…can I do the s... READ MORE

Can hydration/electrolyte balance, drugs, light, stress level, hormone imbalances, or allergy cause temp eye asymmetry(one eye)?

Both my eyes are set deep, left eye is normally deeper set then my right. my left eye changes or appears to change in depth sometimes appearing equal... READ MORE

Allergies and upper bleph surgery?

Due have upper and lower bleph next month. Had problems with sinuses/allergies and intermittent fluid in right ear for past year. Right nostril... READ MORE

Why do I have extra folds on my eyelid? (photo)

About a week ago, my eye felt weird then I realized there was an extra fold. I just assumed it was because of my allergies and I didn't get a good... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a blepharoplasty when you have red allergic eyes or could a bleph worsen the condition?

I have red eyes which i thought were a result of dry eyes from blepharitis. After having my tear ducts plugged and still having redness my... READ MORE

What can I do about my sunken eyes? I have tried allergy meds, I have tried various expensive creams and eye rollers. (photos)

I have had several eye muscle surgeries on the right eye, my dad also had sunken in eyes and dark circles and I suffer from anemia but even when I get... READ MORE

18 days post-op. Left eye has skin allergy and has yet to open totally. What will stop the allergy? (Photo)

Upper and lower eyelid surgery. What will stop the allergy and then get back to the other problem..namely, getting the left eye to open properly?... READ MORE

7 months after upper eyelid surgery, my eyes and eyelids still itch. Any suggestions?

7 months after upper eyelid surgery my eyes and eyelids still very itchy. An eye doctor prescribed eye drops that didn't work. A dermatologist tried... READ MORE

Ptosis in left eye but also irritation... What could have caused this?

I already know I have ptosis in my left eye and it is acquired ptosis which I found out through photos. But my left eye is painful as well. And the... READ MORE

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