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One of My Eyelids is Dropping, What are My Options? (photo)

I am 17 years old. Over the past few months in photos I have noticed my left eyelid drops considerable more than my right! Should I be concerned? what... READ MORE

Are There Any Non-surgical Ways to Fix Under Eye Hollows?

I have really deep hallows under my eyes, which is causing me to look tired and like I have dark circles. I already consulted a plastic surgeon who... READ MORE

How to I fix this triple eyelid fold? (photos)

I am a 16 year old Chinese girl who has been dealing with eyelid fold issues for as long as I can remember. Though I naturally have folds, they... READ MORE

Surgery to Fix Congenital Ptosis?

I am a 15 year old female, I was born with ptosis is my left eye. I had a surgery when I was four to fix it, it did not work. Is it possible to have... READ MORE

Timing of Ptosis Correction Surgery on Newborn

I am a mother of a newborn. My son who is only 13 days old today is diagnosed with congenital Ptosis at his right eye. He does not open it or only... READ MORE

Full Eyelid Ptosis Correction in a 2-year-old Possible Through Surgery?

My son has a droopy left eye since birth. He is able to open only half of his eyes. If an eyelid surgery is required, will this ptosis be corrected... READ MORE

Procedure to Repair Congenital Eye Ptosis for a Child?

My 2 year old daughter has a severe congenital ptosis in her left eye. She was operated when she was two weeks old because the lid was completly... READ MORE

Born with a Droopy Eyelid. Age 15, What Are My Options?

I just turned 15. I was born with my right eye droopy because before and after i was born i had my right arm covering my right eye all the time. My... READ MORE

Mild Case of Congenital Ptosis - When Should It Be Corrected?

My son has congenital ptosis on his left eye. The eyelid does not cover the pupil and most likely does not affect his vision. He is being monitored to... READ MORE

Is 16 Too Young for Eyelid Surgery?

I am 16 years old and within the past month or so my left eyelid had dropped significantly lower then my right eyelid. It was not like this 3 months... READ MORE

Epidermoid Cyst on upper eyelid's inner corner -12 year old kid? (photo)

Avoid/wait or, better to get the surgery done at a younger age? MRI scan done. Cyst is about 1.5 cm size, close to the inner corner of the upper right... READ MORE

Has the Eyelid Surgery Worked?

Our 17 year old daughter had Ptosis surgery on her right upper eyelid 3 months ago. We had her 12 week follow-up visit a couple of days ago. All... READ MORE

Droopy Left Eyelid in 16 Year Old Male?

Im a 16 year old male and just recently noticed I had a slightly droopy left eyelid. Around March I noticed it and thought I did not get enough sleep... READ MORE

Why are my eyes a different shape and size? (photo)

My eyes have always appeared to be different shapes but I feel as if it's becoming more apparent, at least to me. I'm 16 and I often feel rather self... READ MORE

Teenage Eyelid Surgury for fixing Asymetrical Eyelids

Hello, I am interested in correcting my asymmetric eyelids. I am only 16 and would like some advice for what could be done to fix this or if i should... READ MORE

Best Oculoplastic Surgeon for Revisional Surgery in Dallas Area Preferably, but Will Travel Anywhere. (photo)

My 16 y/o son had a frontalis sling w/silicon rods on bil eyes. He had same oper w/fascia when he was 2 y/o by same Dr. After this surgery his right... READ MORE

My eyelid won't fold properly. Can it be treated without surgery? (Photo)

I am an Asian, 15 years old and my right eyelid won't fold properly. This started around two years ago and I thought pulling it would help. Turns out... READ MORE

Why do I have hooded eyelids and forehead wrinkles at age 15? (photos)

I noticed when I was actually 14, that the top of my eye lids were covered by the skin on top. I looked at other people and realised that this wasn't... READ MORE

Fix for Dopey Looking Eyelids For Teen?

My eyelids always look dopey and tired and im only 16. Is there anything i can do to give me a more awake look? READ MORE

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