Accident + Eyelid Surgery

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I Hurt my Left Eye in an Accident, Have Had Uneven Eyes Since? (photo)

Six years ago I hurt my eye in an accident, my left eye has ever since been lower than the right and it's starting to bother me, not because it has... READ MORE

Eye Shape Change After Car Accident, Scarring Around and in Eye Lid, What Revision Can Be Done?

3 and half months ago I asked a question regarding my scar that was wrapped around my eye after hitting the steering wheel of my car. The doctors said... READ MORE

Can Severed Eyelid Muscles Be Reattached and Repaired?

Can a severed eyelid muscle from a car accident be reattached and repaired so it doesn't droop anymore? READ MORE

Possible to Do Blepharoplasty to Correct Old Stitches After Accident?

Hello doctor, i've an accident 21 days ago, my left eye upper eyelid get destroyed,, doctor who done stitching is general surgeon,, due to his... READ MORE

How Long for a Repaired Severed Levator Muscle to Open the Eyelid?

14 month old granddaughter was attacked by dog. Her levator muscle in right eye was severed but repaired. How long before we know if her eye will open? READ MORE

Alternative to Ptosis Correction/tightening Levitator Muscles?

I am a 27 yr old female with a 2mm difference between my eyelids. When i was young my eyebrow was split open in an accident. i got stitches,resulting... READ MORE

Eyelid Deform and Orbit Fractured As the Result of Car Accident? (photo)

My brother was in a car accident last year, and his eyelid was damaged and right eye was exposed.The orbit and sinus is fractured, in a way that the... READ MORE

My eyes don't properly align and my right eyelid doesn't fully open. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

Due to a car accident 15 years ago my right eye is sunk down and back. My right eye is a little lazy and the lid doesn't fully open. My right eye... READ MORE

My right eye lid is more open than my left, what can I do?

I got an accident and below my right eyes a surjery was done. ...after that my right eye opens more than left ,,so it looks diffrent,,can i make it... READ MORE

Why will my lower eyelid not move (appears stuck) after facial reconstruct, including orbital floor repair fracture? (Photo)

Involved in an MVA 6 months ago, requiring a 9 hour facial reconstruction due to multiple facial fractures. Most of the trauma was to the left side of... READ MORE

Seeing Sutures in my Eyelid Clear One and Blue One, Can I Remove Them?

I recently was in a car accident and my eyelid was torn, the plastic surgeon sewed my eyelid back on, that was around the 3rd of march, i had clear... READ MORE

Medial half of lower eyelid lost. Could I have it reconstructed? (Photo)

I had an accident which resulted in zygomatic bone fracture and total medial lower lid loss as you can see in pics.The zygomatic fracture was fixed... READ MORE

Will the scar tissue on my upper eyelid ever subside? (photos)

So I was recently in a very bad car accident, about 2 months to be exact. I received lacerations on my face, (Left side of forehead, upper eyelid,... READ MORE

Can Reconstructive Surgery Make my Distorted Upper Eyelid Look Better?

In an accident,about 8 years back, I injured my right eye so badly that I had to undergo grafting and another procedure but still it doesn't look... READ MORE

How do I fix a lazy eye and eyelid? (photos)

I was in an accident when I was 10 that caused me to have a retinal detachment. I have very little vision in my right eye and over the years is... READ MORE

Mishap After Blepharoplasty

I had upper and lower bleph just over 3 weeks ago. While vacuuming the stairs I was kneeling on the top stair to do the landing and the attachment... READ MORE

What kind of procedure (s) would be best, recovery time and approximate cost? (photos)

When I was 16 years old, I was in a car accident and the sunglasses I was wearing cut my eye and made a nasty scar right through and below my eyebrow... READ MORE

Upper eyelid grafting after accident?

Does anyone here have experience with grafting in the area between the eyebrow and the eyelid? I read some doctors caution about it. Their main reason... READ MORE

Lower eyelid loss due to accident: How Can I fix it?

I have lower eyelid loss due to an accident about two months ago.I had a zygomatic fracture along with disloacted jaw which was fixed by surgery about... READ MORE

Damage to Upper Eyelid from Accident, Wondering What the Best Course of Action Would Be to Rebuild the Eyelid? (photo)

Although hard to see in the photo It is also quite clear that I have volume missing from the inner side of the eyelid where the impact occurred. This... READ MORE

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