9 Months Post-op + Eyelid Surgery

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White Raised Eyelash Line 9 Months After Upper Blepharoplasty

I had an upper bleph 9 months ago for ptosis repair. I am happy with the slight asymetry etc...I look better than I was. I have a thin white raised... READ MORE

Is It Risky To Have a 3rd Ptosis Surgery?

I had a levator and mullerectomy surgery, with most recent being 9 months ago and still about 1.5 - 2mm off on the on eye. I know its tough to get it... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for dents on the side of my eyes after lower eyelid surgery with canthopexy? (photos)

I'm in my mid-60's and had my surgery about 9 months ago. I see some asymmetry between the two eyes and while I did not have that prior to my surgery,... READ MORE

Cyst or lump after upper eyelid surgery. Can this be easily removed? (Photo)

I had eye lid surgery 9 months ago and I have a large lump on the scar. Can this be easily removed. READ MORE

Unhappy with upper eyelid surgery, 9 months post-op. Do I need a brow lift or another eye lift? (Photo)

I had an upper eyelid lift nine months ago. I'm very unhappy with the results and I wonder what I need to get a better result. Do I need a brow lift... READ MORE

I got blephroplasty 9 months ago. Will these scars ever go away? (Photo)

It's been 9 months and I'm scared. And scarred. LOL. Anyway, the scars are white and raised and I can see them on my inner eyelids. It makes me very... READ MORE

9 months post upper-blepharoplasty. High and visible incisions/scars! Help please (Photo)

Drs .I am 9 months post - upper blepharoplasty .. scars are too visible and high (the surgeon told me before surgery that scars will be outside the... READ MORE

Why Do the Scars Hurt After Having Ptosis of the Eyes Surgery 9 Months Ago? By Evening the Scars Hurt Alot?

9 months after surgery for ptosis of the eyes the scarring seems to be getting worse and by evening my eyes are in pain. Is this normal? READ MORE

Upper/lower eye surgery 9 months ago. horrible results...I did my homework for months regarding this "specialist"? (photo)

Right eye upper lid has excess skin that is worse than i had before. lower lid pulls away from eye and droops in the middle of lid. that eye bothers... READ MORE

Where should the incisions have been on lids? I'm trying to figure out what went so wrong. (Photo)

My upper lids are so diff than before surfery. It wasnt mentioned oncd to me that I would possibly lose my eye shape or size. I wouldnt have done it... READ MORE

I had my droopy eyelids done 9 months ago with the suture technique. Now I'm unhappy with the results, what can I do now?(photo)

Do I need to redo the suture technique or should I go ahead with the blepharoplasty? I really don't like the way it looks, looks even worse when I... READ MORE

47 year old, 9 months post upper/lower bleph with fat transfer. Not feeling good about the way things are settling. (Photo)

I had upper/lower bleph w/fat transfer 9 months ago. I was unhappy with my uppers but I am happy after a revision. But at 9 months the lowers are... READ MORE

Bags still present after transjunctival blepharoplasty (fat pad removal)? (photos)

I'm 24 and I had a lower bleph done 9 months ago. The bag under my right eye is particularly dark compared to the left. In addition, I have always... READ MORE

Overfilled fat grafting on left eye, what can I do? Could it still resolve itself?

It's been 9 months. I waited 7 months before go back to see my PS. I got some injections but now I have indentations which accent the overfill. The... READ MORE

Unhappy with visible scar after lower blephoraplasty (Photo)

9 months ago I had a lower blephoraplasty done (age 36). I'm very concerned about my scar, especially on the left eye, which I feel was positioned... READ MORE

Is it normal not to be able to cry after upper eye lid surgery?

I had upper eye lid surgery 9 months ago, ever since, I can not produce tears when I cry. I get a burning sensation when I cry, sneeze, etc but no... READ MORE

Can scarring & hyperpigmentation be corrected with revision surgery?

9 mos. ago I had upper blepharoplasty revision done to correct severe scarring. The performing Dr. says this can be revised & corrected using a... READ MORE

Yellowing under the eyes months after eyelid surgery

I had my upper and lower eyelids done in April. All was fine until about 2 months ago when I developed yellowing under both eyes and one small raised... READ MORE

My eyelid has changed in the past 9 months. Please help! So confused. (photos)

It is fine when I wake up then it changes when I am stressed, during different times of my cycle, when I am tired, and with heat. It gets better if I... READ MORE

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