Eye Bags Treatment Videos

Is Surgery the Only Option For Lower Eyelid Bags?

Dr. Jeffrey Joseph describes non-surgical, in office treatment of the lower eyelids with injectable filler. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options For Eye Bags

What causes eye bags? Learn the different treatment options for eye bags including covering them with make up, using fillers, and surgery. Dr. William Marshall Guy explains. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time: What You Need to Know

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley explains a timeline for eyelid surgery recover so you know what to expect. VIEW NOW

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Watch as the Doctor Injects Restylane Into Her Own Tear Troughs

Deep tear troughs can make you look tired. Overhead shadowing makes the under-eyes look dark even with makeup. While injections do not take away pigment, they do eliminate shadowing from overhead lighting. VIEW NOW

Do Eye Bags Appear Only When You Smile?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's question who has puffiness under her eyes only when she smiles. This is natural when the muscle below the eye contracts. Treatment with Botox is possible, but unnecessary. VIEW NOW

Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation: Treating Eye Bags, Wrinkles, and Skin Quality

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a RealSelf Member's question and photo about improving her under eye area. Total lower eyelid rejuvenation involves treating the puffy eye bags, improving wrinkles, and restoring eyelid skin quality. VIEW NOW


Eyelid Lift: The Doctor Explains Surgery to Remove Extra Eyelid Skin and Fat

Eyelid surgery is a great option to help restore a youthful look and increase self-esteem in individuals. Dr. H. Michael Rark explains cosmetic solutions for sagging skin, fatty tissue, droopiness, and puffiness around the eyes. VIEW NOW

Learn About Tear Trough Injections For Non-Surgical Under Eye Rejuvenation

Dr. Parker Velargo discusses tear trough injections which can improve the appearance of dark circles, shadows and aging under eyes. Watch this woman's procedure as the doctor explains. VIEW NOW

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Surgery vs Non-Surgical Options For Treating Under Eye Bags

Live from Vegas at ASAPS 2016, Dr. Dr. Mune Gowda answers questions about eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW

Looking Younger at 40 — How Fillers and Eyelid Surgery Can Help

Looking tired? Live from Vegas at ASAPS 2016, Dr. Lauren Greenberg discusses procedures to make you look refreshed in your forties. VIEW NOW


Traditional Eyelid Surgery Vs. Laser Eyelid Surgery for Eye Bags?

Dr. Paul C. Zwiebel weighs in on a Realself member's question regarding the benefits of traditional eyelid surgery vs. laser eyelid surgery for the treatment of eye bags. VIEW NOW

When Is the Right Time for Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's photos who is unhappy with her upper eyelid surgery. The right time for revision surgery depends on the issue, and the role of an eyelid specialist in revision surgery. VIEW NOW

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Avoiding Lumps and a Puffy Look From Facial Fillers by Placing Them Deeper

Dr. Amiya Prasad addresses this woman's concern of lumps caused by fillers placed under her eyes, and asks about fillers for cheeks. Filler placement at bone and muscle layer for strong support can be done with a Y Lift. VIEW NOW

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See 1 Minute of Eyelid Rejuvenation Before & Afters

Dr. Andrew B. Menkes shares his patient's eyelid surgery before and after photos. VIEW NOW

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Combining Procedures — Is it Safe to Get a Vampire Facial and Lower Eyelid Surgery at the Same Time?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about getting a Vampire Facial and lower eyelid surgery within the same week, which is possible, and can be done at the same time if one doctor does both procedures. VIEW NOW