Uneven + Eye Bags Treatment

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Under Eye Bag in One Eye What It Can It Be? (photo)

Hi about 8 years ago I got hit on my left eye and got a small cut under the corner of the lid. A few days my eye heeled from the bruising, though my... READ MORE

Would you recommend fillers to fix a 24 year old's festoons? (photos)

I think I have festoons. I've had these cheek bags since I can remember. I want them gone but can't do surgery. What about fillers to fix the... READ MORE

Had Lower Eye Bag Surgery, Now Eyelids are off Centered and One Looks Bigger than the Other. Options?

Had rt lower bag surgery eye is now slightly off centered lower lid doesn't meet top at night when I sleep and lid dropped more lower white... READ MORE

If You Have Puffiness Under Just on Eye, Do I Need a Physician Not a Surgeon?

I do not have an eyebag, as such, but have puffiness beginning in the corner of eye and then outward following the line of the bone beneath the eye.... READ MORE

How do I fix bags under one eye and also the one eye being bigger than the other?

I have noticed that one eye is bigger than the other. It doesn't always show but it's very noticeable at many times and other people have started to... READ MORE

What Is Your Advice For A Lower Blepharoplasty Scar (pics)?

I had a lower blepharoplasty performed 8 month ago and there is a visible deep scar under my left eye. In the outer area of my right eye there are... READ MORE

How to correct uneven eye bags while smiling? (photo)

I am 27yrs old. I have different shape of eye bag in my both eyes while I smile which makes me look more older than my age. Is there any correction... READ MORE

Uneven Eyeball Size in a Newborn, What is This Called and is It Related to a Syndrome?

We have a newborn baby with the left eyeball much smaller than the right eyeball, the eyebrows are different sizes and also the eye sockets. READ MORE

How can I fix my uneven eye bags? (Photo)

You can see in the photo that I have a lot of facial asymmetry, which doesn't really bother me, but the uneven eye bags do. I have scoliosis and TMJ... READ MORE

I have double eye bags when I smile. Any suggestions? (photos)

What can I do to remove the Double Eyebags? Will I need surgery ? Also the eye bags are uneven compared to the other eye READ MORE

My right eye have really bad puffy bags comparing my left eye?

I have a puffiness eyes maybe because I work night shift sometimes. But what bothers me most is that the puffiness isn't equal. My right eye have... READ MORE

What can I do to correct the hollows underneath my eyes? And the evenness of my face in general? (Photo)

I had facial reconstruction surgery, and they went in through my left eye, leaving my left eye a little different that my right and a larger hollow... READ MORE

Under eye bag filler treatment - why are the results so different on both sides? (Photos)

I have gone to 3 diff. doctors in the past 2.5 yrs to use fillers on my under eye area to conceal the bags i started to get.. Doctor 1 was amazing; he... READ MORE

24 years old & have festoona; what can I do to lessen the appearance? Is there a permanent and/or temporary fix? (Photos)

I have festoons under both eyes, the left eye is noticeably worse. I assume they are genetic because my father has them, his have worsened with age... READ MORE

Terribly bags and I'm only 19. (photos)

I hate my bags. They are uneven, puffy, and sometimes are very red. People always think I'm sick. When I'm even a little tired they are VERY... READ MORE

8 days post eyebag removal surgery. Uneven swelling in each eye. Is it normal?

Just done eyebag removal surgery about 7-8 days ago. The swelling on the left eye has gone. However there's still some amount left on my right... READ MORE

Eye bag under one eye only? What could this be? (Photo)

I have eye bag only order one eye, I guess it has been there for a long time, it's most of the time visible when I smile. What could this be? READ MORE

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