Tired Eyes + Eye Bags Treatment

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Genetic Undereye Bags - Only 22 Y.o.? (photo)

I am 22 years old and have been cursed with the genetic fatty patches underneath my eyes - causing pretty bag bags (for my age). They get worse when... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Dark Eye Bags?

I'm now 16 but still have dark bags.And it had become worse now. The dark bags make me look really old and tire all the time, I really need help... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of a Lower Eyelid 'Bag' when I Smile? (photo)

I have prominent eyes. I am in my early twenties and I have always had these 'bags' that nearly cover my entire eye when I smile, giving my face a... READ MORE

Non-surgical Options to Rejuvenate Eyes?

I want to rejuvenate my eye area but am hesitant about surgery. What are my best options to freshen up my look? READ MORE

Bags Across Cheeks - Cause?

I Have Bags Right Across my Cheeks. I Started Having Them Since I Was 25, After I Had the Baby. Now I am 27 and these bags are now always there. I... READ MORE

My Eyes Slant Making Me Look Angry/tired? (photo)

What would be the best approach to improve the look of my eyes. I'm only 28 but the sloping has caused lots of wrinkles/bags around my eyes and... READ MORE

Can Eye Bags Be Caused by a Muscle?

I am a 20-year-old who has minor eye bags. They appear to be caused by muscle, but I think it could also be because of the tear troughs. If I close my... READ MORE

I'm a 39 yr old male with malar bags and look really tired what do you suggest? (photo)

I've got these big puffy bags on my cheek bones, I've been thinking it was from years of sun tanning with no protection, although some one said it... READ MORE

Creams Haven't Helped "Tired Eyes", What Options Do I have? (Photos)

Creams don't work and spent alot of money people always ask me if i didn't get enough sleep. i do find this very fustrating and need help as i... READ MORE

28yr Old Female with Eye Bags

28yr old female with eye bags that age my face and make me look tired.The bags seem to have gotten worse over this past year. What is my best option... READ MORE

Options To Fill Tear Trough, To Change Tired Look and Eye Bags? (photo)

I have dark circles below my eyes which have developed in the last few years, which make me look tired all the time. I would like to know if it's... READ MORE

I'm a 14 year old male, how do I get rid of my under eye bags? (photo)

My bags aren't like every normal kids, mine are big and ugly. It runs in the family but mines worse. I'm 14 and I need advice on how to reduce my... READ MORE

If You Have Puffiness Under Just on Eye, Do I Need a Physician Not a Surgeon?

I do not have an eyebag, as such, but have puffiness beginning in the corner of eye and then outward following the line of the bone beneath the eye.... READ MORE

What Procedure Do I Need to Deal with my Tired Looking Eyes? (photo)

I have attached a photo. I am not sure what procedure I need... But I want to do something to deal with it. READ MORE

Do you recommend surgery for these bags under my eyes? I'm concerend that my eyes will droop with age if I do. (Photo)

I'm 48 and am a professor at a university. I can't get rid of them or even lessen them. I tried every under eye cosmetic there is and make-up doesn't... READ MORE

I have tired looking eyes. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have always had an issue with my under eye area but cannot figure out why I always look tired. My under eye area looks dark and sunken in. After... READ MORE

Fillers or Surgery for This Underye Issue? (photo)

I'm a woman in my mid-twenties and have always "suffered" from this undereye issue that i've had. It's clear in photos and in... READ MORE

Remove Drowsy Look, Should I Do Eyelid Surgery, Eye Bags Treatment, or Others? (photo)

Since junior high my eye corners keep on getting darker and people thought i'm drowsy except not. Also the triple eyelids look sleepy. I've... READ MORE

I’m hoping that someone can offer advice on suitability for lower eye bag surgery and what type? (Photo)

I’m a 38 year old woman & always had dark circles under my eyes. Over the last year I have noticed it worsening and bags forming (more swollen on s... READ MORE

What would be the best choice to get rid of tired looking + little bit dark circles around my eyes? (photo)

I always look tired,without eye make up I can't even go outside.I wish I could have done something to look fresh even without any make up. READ MORE

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