Swelling + Eye Bags Treatment

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Icing Eyelid to Help Heal After Eyelid Surgery?

For how long (days) after lower eyelid surgery should I ice to speed up the recovery? I know it takes time but I'm getting a little frustrated because... READ MORE

Swelling, Ridges, and Hardness After Blepharoplasty

I had lower Blepharoplasty done 6 weeks ago. One eye was perfect, the other had a ridge of swelling under the stitches and I noticed that a hardish... READ MORE

Do festoons , malar bags , respond to non invasive skin tightening procedures lasers / Ultrasounds ? Rf yes, which one? (photo)

Hello, I am 38 year old man. One and half years ago i noticed a small swelling along with tingling sensation on top of my cheek / below the eye.. this... READ MORE

Bruising and Fold After Lower Eyelid Surgery

I had a lower eyelid surgery/eyebag removal 5 weeks ago and the bags actually now look more prominent but higher up. They were not that bad and the... READ MORE

Options For 28 yo Female with Under Eye Swelling/ Eye Bags? (photo)

I noticed I developed eye bags in April 2011. I went to a surgeon and he said that this was not fat under my eye, but it was swelling. He said I could... READ MORE

Under Eye Crepeyness and Severe Puffiness?

Hey. I am a 24 yr old m. I have been through a rough period for about 3 mths. During this time I was on meds and this caused severe swelling under my... READ MORE

I'm wondering if this is the start of a festoon? (photos)

I have also heard them called malar bags? i have allergies and my left eye bag (by cheekbone) is the one that swells up the most. I'm 40 year old.... READ MORE

I'm not sure if I have malar bags or festoons. I have swelling under my eyes on my cheekbones. (Photo)

Im 41 and recently started noticing the swelling. Sometimes it doesn't look bad while other times I look deformed. I want them gone but i have no idea... READ MORE

24 year old guy looking for advice on best way to proceed with my baggy eyes. What can I do to remedy this situation? (Photo)

For the past year has had increasingly darkening and swelling bags under my eyes. I have always had insomnia. Because of my social life, and my work... READ MORE

I had lower eye bag surgery 9 days ago.I the last couple of days I have noticed a gel like bubble on the White of my eye.(photo)

I saw a doctor today who said it was a blister on my eye and this could be the result of swelling further to my op or a dissolvable stitch inside my... READ MORE

Malar bags/Festoons? (photos)

I uploaded a different picture before but I dont' think it really showed the swelling I have. These 2 pictures are clearer. And now I'm wondering if... READ MORE

Severe swelling under right eye. What can I do?

Severe swelling under right eye. I'm 51, this has developed within past year. I had sinus surgery over ten years ago. I take zyrtec daily. READ MORE

Is this swelling or fat prolapse? (photo)

I have had problems with my eyes for past two years. I do have dry eye. My eyes bother me all the time. Vining feels like something in them down under... READ MORE

Any way to help these puffy eyes? (Photo)

I am a 40 year old woman. For years I've struggled with "puffy eyes," especially the left side. It used to come and go, but now it seems constant. The... READ MORE

Area next to filler flattened out (photo)

I got Belotero one week ago under my eyes. One eye bruised and swelled badly. The other one barely bruised or swelled at all. Most of the swelling has... READ MORE

What is causing under eye swelling? (Photo)

Since October I have had what they think is sinisitius. I have pressure in my face, congestion, pressure in my ears and most annoyingly swollen eyes.... READ MORE

40 Year old with eye bags that came out of no where and won't go away. Is it fluid retention or fat prolapse? (photo)

Bags/puffiness started about 6 wks ago. I started taking vitamins,restricted glutten and increased water intake as I was having some digestion issues.... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to correct swelling following tear trough implants 2 and a half months post op? (photos)

On August 18, I underwent under eye fat removal with tear trough implants. I also had a chemical peel. I still have sensitivity and swelling under... READ MORE

Is this treatable? Always have had slight bags under eyes (Photos)

Always have had slight bags under eyes, lately i have had swelling under right eye on upper cheekbone. It seems to come and go in size. Sometimes... READ MORE

Are my under eye bags returning? If this is temporary swelling from allergies, will they go back down? (Photo)

I got my fat pads removed this past summer after getting my rhinoplasty in Ecuador but I feel as if they are returning especially under my left eye.... READ MORE

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