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S.O.S - Under Eye Bags - Surgery or Filler?

Had them most of my life, only in my thirties are they more obvious. The only thing that ever lessened them was a good sweaty work out. Now that... READ MORE

I'm losing volume under my eyes.

What are some low risk solutions to help increase the volume in the tear trough area? READ MORE

Under Eye Bags by Surgery?

I am considering surgery to remove my under eye bags . I was just wondering how many years does the result last ? is it better to remove the fat or... READ MORE

I Want to Remove My Eye Bags, But Have A Clotting Disorder, Treated by Coumadin. Risk of Complications?

I want to have surgery to remove the bags under my eyes. I have a clotting disorder, treated by coumadin, and was told some years back this would make... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty (Lower) - Transcutaneous Vs Transconjunctival on Effectiveness (Problem Returning)

I'm 38, have good skin etc so am primarily interested in the Transconjunctival procedure. I have been told the only reason this would... READ MORE

What is the most low risk, natural procedure for chronic under eye bags. (photos)

I've had under eye bags since I was a child and have always been self conscious about them. I know its hereditary as my mother had the same issue. I'm... READ MORE

Fat grafting around inner corners of eyes?

I've noticed that in most transformation photos areas around inner corners of eyes look unchanged. Is it a risky place for injection or fat is getting... READ MORE

What would be best option for under eye hollows? (photos)

Hello, I wanted to know what would be best treatment option based on my pictures. My eyes seem hollow and they look a little dark. I know there is... READ MORE

I Have Bags Under my Eyes That Require Surgery?

What fillers are best until i get the surgery done cant do it until next summer and also if the surgeon is very exp. is there still risk involved,... READ MORE

I've had tear troughs since birth so I assume they come from genetics. (photos)

By looking at them, what can you see that can be done? How risky are surgical procedures for tear troughs? What is the average cost for both a filler... READ MORE

Suggestion on eye bag treatments and risk level if surgery is needed? (Photo)

I've had under eye bags since 10 years ago. It becomes worse in this couple of years due to my allergy to pollen and my bad sleeping position (lay on... READ MORE

What are some of the options to get rid of my eye bags? (Photo)

I'm 27 and have been told I suffer from genetic eye bags. They've gradually gotten worse over the last few years. This picture was taken in the... READ MORE

Which lower eye treatment will fix my eye bag problem with lowest chance of turning out poorly? (photos)

I've had bags under my eyes my whole life. I absolutely hate them, yet I'm terrified to get any procedures done due to the many horror stories of what... READ MORE

What would help my eyes? (photo)

I have small eyes with bags under them. The bags involve a physical indent/line at the bottom and a darker colour (thin skin?). The bags also bulge... READ MORE

I have noticed that there is absolutely no before and afters of malar mounds/bags being treated. Why is this?

I have genetic malar bags (which have been made worse recently by filler migration, meaning I have to wait for the filler to dissipate. But, it got me... READ MORE

Can I remove it permanently with any kind of medication?

I am 23 years of old and I have got malar bags .It is not an aging process because I had noticed this at the age of 18.It makes me look tired all the... READ MORE

How much and which type of surgery should I get for Eye Bags and large vein in forehead for permanent results? (photo)

How Much is different procedures? What is the name and different types of procedures with permeant results? How Much is different procedures? Can I... READ MORE

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