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Deep horizontal lines on cheek bones below both the eyes. Could they be caused by sleeping on the sides? (Photo)

I am 27 years old and it's been 4-5 years I have started noticing deep horizontal lines on my cheek bones. Every year I feel these lines are getting... READ MORE

How can I get rid of double eye bags? And why do I get them? (photos)

I'm only 24, nothing genetic, very broke, please help me! Please note lighting is also is a factor I'm Big on photography and do some modeling... READ MORE

How can I can rid of of Malar bags? (photos)

What treatments do you recommend to get rid of festoons or Malar bags.! READ MORE

I have a single, deep line under each eye and always look tired! What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

27, good skin.. I think I've always had hollow eye bags and since I was a teen I had two creases under my eyes, starting at the inner corner.... READ MORE

Volume deficient tear troughs combined with sunken eyes. What's the best way to fix for a 21 year old female? (Photo)

I have deep set eyes, with tear troughs. I'm 21 and I've had this problem since I can remember (childhood picture attached), so I don't think it's age... READ MORE

Malar bags at 23. Could I have thyroid problems? (Photo)

These have become more prominent since high school. They're a crease across upper cheek, but below the upper bone line. My grandma has myasthenia... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my puffy eyes and wrinkles? I'm only 22? :( (Photo)

I'm 22 and always look very tired and I get severe lines when I smile. My eyebags are puffy and look like I didn't sleep well. A doctor suggested 10... READ MORE

Is there a permanent way to get rid of my dark circles? Concealers and creams don't work for me. (Photo)

Hi, I have dark circles since I was born. Concealers and creams don't work for me.. Is there a more permanent way to get rid of them? I am 26 years... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old and have double bags under my eyes. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm 25 years old and I have what I like to refer to as "double bags" under each of my eyes. I have dark circles which seem to spread downward with a... READ MORE

I have grooves under my eyes. Are they eye bags, tear troughs or festoons? What is the best treatment? (Photo)

I have grooves sitting fairly low under my eyes that don't go away. I did some background research and I honestly can't tell if they are under-eye... READ MORE

33 Female Fair African American- How can I get rid of these black eyes top and bottom, wrinkles, and excess skin on top? (Photo)

I really have these dark raccoon eyes, it may be heredity, if so what can I do to get rid of them or lighten them. Yes I have tried Restylane, it has... READ MORE

36 years old and desperate for malar bag solution. What options are available for me? (Photo)

Hi, I'm turning 36. I've just had my first child and while I've been aware of my malar bags (even the very young children in my family have them) for... READ MORE

What's the cause of my sunken eyes and under eye bags? (Photo)

Hi, I am 35 and Lately I have noticed that my eyes haven sunk in more and I have under eye bags. Is is possible that have hypothyroid is the issue and... READ MORE

Eyebags, crease and loss of volume at eye-cheek junction in early 20s. Which treatment is best? (Photo)

I have volume loss around my cheek area, resulting in purple bags under my eyes (hereditary). I was ok when it was just a tear trough deformity, but... READ MORE

I have lines and bags under my eyes. Would you recommend surgery or filler? (photos)

I have lines and bags under my eyes and I'm not sure how to handle them. I've tried peels, creams, serums...I'm not just getting great results under... READ MORE

What do you recommend for the wrinkles and crepiness under my eyes when I smile? (photo)

My dermatologist recommended erbium laser, I am concerned it will not be enough. I am curious about laser, injectables, fat injections, or surgery. I... READ MORE

Under-eye bag/circles treatment? (Photo)

I have had these under eye bags since I was quite young, my doctors have said they are a result of my allergies to dust mites and that they may never... READ MORE

How can I improve prominent sebaceous glands under my eyes? (Photo)

I am a 29 female and have extremely visible sebaceous glands under my eyes. I have had 3 Co2 laser treatments which I believe has made my skin thin... READ MORE

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