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I Have a Puffy Sac Under my Left Eye, What Would You Recommend? (photo)

I have puffiness under my left eye. It started out looking like a fluid-filled sac, not really noticable. But over the months it has become more... READ MORE

I have fat creases or bags under my eyes. What can I do? (Photo)

I have these fat creases under my eyes and it's reallyyyy bugging me. I absolutely hate them. What is it? When I google fat creases or bags it's not... READ MORE

Treatment for under eye bags. (photo)

I have under eye bags that are quite noticeable in certain light (as in the picture above). Would filler or surgery be the best option? I'm concerned... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to correct swelling following tear trough implants 2 and a half months post op? (photos)

On August 18, I underwent under eye fat removal with tear trough implants. I also had a chemical peel. I still have sensitivity and swelling under... READ MORE

I have festoons/malar mounds from sun damage, is there a way to reduce them?

I'm 18 years old and due to sun damage a few years ago, I've developed these festoons on the upper edge of my cheek bones. They are really noticeable,... READ MORE

If a festoon was caused by weight gain, can it be reversed with weight loss?

I have a festoon under only one eye and I believe it was caused by weight gain. It causes asymmetry and it's very noticeable under certain sunlight.... READ MORE

What treatments are available for loose skin under your eyes? (photos)

I am 24 and have dark circles around my eyes as well as looser skin. When I smile skin clumps up into quite noticible bags. Are there any non-surgical... READ MORE

I'm 18 and i have eyebags, wrinkles around lower lid. (photos)

I'm 18 years old and i have these eyebags which are very noticable and annoying when i smile. I have them like for 3 years maybe? I don't know why i... READ MORE

Eye bags and darkness?

Hey; I always struggled with having under eye bags and darkness . Is there any permanant way to correct this? Please reply. Thanks ! It's not so so... READ MORE

23 yr old, for 2 years there is fluid like substance under my left eye. Becoming prominent. (Photo)

Fluid like substance under my left eye which palpetts when i press it.previously, it was nt noticeable but now it is becoming looks very... READ MORE

How can I get rid of under eye bags when I smile? (photos)

I have very prominent undereye bags that are only noticeable when I smile. I'mean only 24 and no one else has this in my family so I don't feel like... READ MORE

Terribly bags and I'm only 19. (photos)

I hate my bags. They are uneven, puffy, and sometimes are very red. People always think I'm sick. When I'm even a little tired they are VERY... READ MORE

I don't like how the bottom of my left eye is hollowed out, I feel like my face is slightly droopy any advice? (photos)

I feel like my face is becoming droopy and the winkle on my cheek near my nose is becoming more visible. The problem with under my eye has always been... READ MORE

Under eye ridge (tear trough) after stretching jaw. (photo)

So basically I hurt may jaw and the doctor told me to keep stretching to get it back in place. In doing so however I was inadvertently stretching my... READ MORE

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