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Can Fat Under Eyes be Removed Without Surgery?

I got baggy eyes & want to remove excessive fat from upper & lower lid of eyes, is it possible without surgery,if no how much it cost to the... READ MORE

Non Surgical Procedure for Eye Bag Removal? (photo)

Hello I am a 41 male and have had eye bags for most of my life. I can only remember 2 times in my life when I didn't have them and that was when I was... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags: Are There Any Non-Surgical Options?

I have heavy under eye bags that make me feel much older than my 40 years! They are hereditary and amplified by allergies. Are there any new,... READ MORE

I am 24 years old. Non Surgical Way to Remove Under Eye Puffiness?

I am 24 years old and I am self concious about taking off my glasses because it is so puffy underneath my eyes. Is there a non surgical way to remove... READ MORE

Possible to Get Rid of Eye Bags Without Surgery?

I have under eye bags, I have been told on several occasions that the reason is that I don't drink plenty of water which is true. What are... READ MORE

How to get rid of tear troughs without surgery? (under eye bags) (photos)

I have terrible under eye bags which I was told were tear troughs? A doctor advised I get fillers when I am older but I really don't want to get... READ MORE

Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles, is This Genetic? What are Non-Surgical Options?

Hi I am only 22 but yet always have puffy bags and dark circles under my eyes. I always make sure to get enough sleep and my diet is in check. I have... READ MORE

Ultrasound/radio frequency for eye bags, does it work?

Hello all. I am wondering if procedures like Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Vaccum Therapy, or any type of non-surgical non-filler procedures have any... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of my Lower Eyelid Puffiness, Which is Due to Loose Skin, Nonsurgically?

I'm 21 and I've had lower eyelid puffiness for over 10yrs but it's much worse now. I also have dark circles also. Everybody keeps telling... READ MORE

Malar Bags or Something Else? (photo)

I have this depressions on my face that run down the sides and make me look tired and old. I'm only 19 so I'm wondering if these could actually be... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female W. Eye Bags. Is Surgery Avoidable? (Photos)

I have eye bags. I sleep only 4-5 hours a night, but not sure if that is contributing to my eye bags. I also have under eye wrinkles and crow's feet... READ MORE

What Non-Surgical Approach Offers the Best Result for Baggy Eyes?

What Nonsurgical Approach Offers the Best Result for Baggy Eyes? READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Alternatives to Reduce Puffy Under Eye Bags? (photo)

How can I reduce or eliminate under eye puffiness without a lower blepharoplasty? I don't need extra skin removed or wrinkles erased. I find some... READ MORE

Deep bags/lines across upper cheeks, what are my non-surgical options? (photo)

I'm seventeen and for as long as I can remember ive had these deep lines running from my lower eye area across the middle of my cheeks. I presume it... READ MORE

Can I remove the eye bags without surgery? (photos)

Hi, I am 27 years old and I feel I have this enormous eye bags which looks worse when I am smiling. Are there any non-surgical options to remove them... READ MORE

Is there anyway to remove this kind of eye bag/ dark circle? (photos)

My eye bags have two layers -- looks like I have double eye bags. On a good Ill have only one. I had these for years now and cream doesn't seem to... READ MORE

I'm 21 with under eye bags, loose skin and crows feet. How do get rid of these without surgery? (photos)

I'm 21, and should be looking youthful, however, when I smile I have bad crows feet, very clearly seen. I also have bags under my eyes witch I've had... READ MORE

Under eye bags, under eye circles, lines, wrinkles, premature aging. And or loss of collagen? (photo)

I am 21 years old and I have really bad under eye bags and puffiness and I guess you could say signs of aging and wrinkling... I've notice this issue... READ MORE

What non surgical options do you recommend for under eye bags & dark circles? (photos)

I am 33 years old. I have always had dark circles & a propensity to have puffy bags. In the past, if I was rested & hydrated, my eyes would typically... READ MORE

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