Indentation + Eye Bags Treatment

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Cause and Treatment of Indentation Below the Tear Trough? (photo)

I've just turned 21 (though my gaunt face makes me look a bit older) and I've recently developed an odd indentation just below the tear trough... READ MORE

Any suggestions for intense purple in lower eyelids? (photos)

Please I really need help. I also have under eye hollows/indentations. Is there a treatment to kill two birds with one stone? I've been on google for... READ MORE

What procedures can I have done to improve the look of my under eye area? (photo)

These indentations cannot be from aging because I'm still in my teens. They're not genetic because my parents don't have them. I have no idea why they... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to correct swelling following tear trough implants 2 and a half months post op? (photos)

On August 18, I underwent under eye fat removal with tear trough implants. I also had a chemical peel. I still have sensitivity and swelling under... READ MORE

What should I do about cheekbone indents? A doctor told me it is a separation from the cheek muscle. Options? (photo)

I have always had these, even as a kid. My mom has them too. It shows worse in different lighting but you can feel the crease. I have been told... READ MORE

What would help my eyes? (photo)

I have small eyes with bags under them. The bags involve a physical indent/line at the bottom and a darker colour (thin skin?). The bags also bulge... READ MORE

What are these lines that run under my eyes on the tops off my cheeks? Will fillers fix this? (photo)

I can feel the indent with my finger tips. Feel like they age me drastically i would like to do some non surgical procedures to make my face look more... READ MORE

How can I fix a Malar Bags & Facial Indentation Issue under my eyes/upper cheek? It seems to be getting worse as I age. (Photos)

Every time I look in the mirror all I can see is indentations in my cheek / lower eye area. I've done a bit of research online. I've had filler a... READ MORE

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