Hollowness + Eye Bags Treatment

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How to Repairs my Hallow/sunken Eyes? (photo)

My eyes are so hollowed. i've turn 20 and look like in my 40s. i hate this look. i've got exam coming up and i can't focus on it due to my look. i am... READ MORE

I have bags under eyes when I smile. Which would you recommend; fat grafting or fillers? (photos)

Hi there I am just about to turn 24 and I have hollowness under my eyes which im sure is the reason why my skin wrinkles together when I smile. I am... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Hollow and Sunken Eyes That Look Like They Are in my Head? (photo)

I have always have sunken eyes and i don't know why please help. Everytime i smile it looks awful and their is a big gap between my eyes and cheek... READ MORE

Are my Under Eye Circles and Hollows Related to Sinuses/deviated Septum? Could Restylane Help? (photo)

Late 20's and recently moved to a high alt, dry climate. I've had subtle circles for a while, but in the last year they've gotten much worse. They are... READ MORE

Hollow Dark Circles: What to Do? HA Filler, Blepharoplasty, Fat Grafting, Laser? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I have genetic dark circles. Their darkness is exacerbated further by the hollowness around my orbital bone and the indentation of my... READ MORE

What Happens when We Age in Our Twenties? (photo)

I have posted a picture of Scarlet Johansson at her early twenties and how she looks now. As you can see she also have the same issues as I do. The... READ MORE

I have hollowness under eyes! What can I do? (photos)

I am 36 and I worry about the hollowness under my eyes. I often am asked if I am tired or sleep deprived. I have sunken areas under my eyes and also... READ MORE

Treatment Options For Dark Circles Under the Eye for a 20 Year Old? (photo)

Hi my name is Nick im 20 years old, and ive never had bags or Dark circles until 2 weeks ago. Idk how i got it, i sometimes do get Depressed, but i... READ MORE

Is This Cheek Hollowness? What Can Be Used to Help with my Outer Corner Bags?

I am about to be 25 and in the last year I have really started to lose a lot of fat under my eyes..I used to have a really full face and have noticed... READ MORE

Under Eye Hollowing and Wrinkles - Recommendations? (photo)

I would love to do my whole face but by eyes are what bother me the most especially when I smile. Not sure wether eyelid surgery, fillers or laser?... READ MORE

Is 23 Too Young to Consider Lower Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I am 23 years old and have always been dark under my eyes, I believe this is hereditary. Recently I have noticed this has worsened (I used to be able... READ MORE

How To Best Treat Hollowness Around the Eyes and Dark Circles? (photo)

I have got Hollowness around the eyes mostly under the eyes and beside both the eyes. They have turned dark in color over the period of time. I am... READ MORE

What Are Best Treatment Options for Under Eye Hollowed Areas and Dark Circles?

I had under eye blepharoplasty years ago wherein the surgeon removed all fat compartments. I now have sunken troughs and dark circles. Your expert... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Correct Orbital Asymmetry AS WELL AS "Hollow Eye Syndrome,"and Dark Circles? It's 2-3 Procedures, Yes?

One of my eyes is deeper set than the other, causing that side of my face to sit lower. Initially, I thought it was simply that the left eyebrow was... READ MORE

Removing Eye Bags with Thin Skin

I am 49 and have very thin skin but would like ti remove bags under eyes and fill in the hollow left behind. READ MORE

I Am Sick Of Strangers Asking Me If I Am Tired; Lower Bleph, Mid-Face Lift or Fillers for Dark Circles/Bags?

I am in my early 30s but have had infraorbital hollowness and dark circles since I was a child, & now I have some fatty herniation. I am beyond... READ MORE

Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Hallow Eyes? (photo)

I'm 40 and having hallow eyes. I have allergies and would not want to worsen it by derma fillers..please help.   READ MORE

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty with Fat Graft for Eye Hollows? (photo)

-Is there possibility of nerve damage? -Is a fat graft necessary for my hollows? Blepharoplasty already involves removing and repositioning existing... READ MORE

Best Option for Under Eye Hollows of Patient W/ Rare Defective Collagen Disease?

Though still relatively young (mid 40's),dealing w/ a rare genetic disease (severe form 'Classic' Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), coupled w/... READ MORE

Best Way to Refresh Eyes After Lower Bleph (S. CA Expert)? (photo)

I had a lower bleph in 07. Now Im 34 and look much older then my years around the eyes. I have darkness and deep set wrinkles (under and at crows... READ MORE

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