Fluid + Eye Bags Treatment

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Under Eye Bags; Fluid Retention? Fat?

I am a 28 year old male and as the picture shows, I have fairly prominent eye bags that I have been trying to find a way to correct. I went to a Dr.... READ MORE

What's causing my eye bags, water retention or fat pads? (Photo)

I am one of those 42 year old woman who hate her eye bags. However, during the rest of the day, my bags looks a tad flatter but it is still noticeable... READ MORE

How to treat under eye top of cheek malar bags? (photos)

I have what I think is fluid/malar bags. It's really bad on my right side but hardley noticeable on the left side. I sleep on my right side..... READ MORE

What can my mother do for the fluid build up under her eyes? (photo)

She has a lot of fluid that leaks from the corner of her eyes. if you shine a light up to her eyes. its like looking threw a cloudy balloon. when she... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags? The skin around the eye gets wrinkly when I smile. Could they be festoons?

About a month ago I developed under eye bags. They are worse some days then others. (It appeared 2 month prior but disappeared within a day, returning... READ MORE

I have what I think are fluid bags under my eyes. Will surgery help?

They used to come and go but are now there all the time. Some days are a lot worse than others. I am very conscious as they look odd. I have had my... READ MORE

Are my under eye bags fat pads or water retention? (Photo)

Okay so I have these under eye bags, I've had them since I was born. I'm not sure if they are fat pads or just water retention. I would really like to... READ MORE

Eye bags? Cause? Treatment? (Photo)

I've had prominent eye bags for as long as I remember. Creams and gels don't seem to work. I've tried everything I know of except surgery, although I... READ MORE

40 Year old with eye bags that came out of no where and won't go away. Is it fluid retention or fat prolapse? (photo)

Bags/puffiness started about 6 wks ago. I started taking vitamins,restricted glutten and increased water intake as I was having some digestion issues.... READ MORE

Why does my under eye/cheeks have such a big wrinkle/dent? (photo)

It's so noticeable in certain pictures and it just kills me. My eyes also kind of protrude out and I already have wrinkles forming... The skin right... READ MORE

Under eye bags? Fluid retention? What is it? (photos)

I was born with them. They're not that prominent but they get to be under harsh lighting. I tried getting enough sleep but they never seemed to go... READ MORE

I have eyebags and I'm not sure if it's fluid retention, fat deposits, or allergies? 23 years old (Photo)

I'd like to know how you recommend treating this, as I constantly get asked why I look so tired. I've tried numerous ointments, but nothing seems to... READ MORE

What is wrong with my under eyes? 22-Male (Photos)

22 year old male with awful under eyes. I have Had problems with my under eyes since I was 18. My parents have nothing wrong with their under eyes so... READ MORE

Do I have an eye problem or fatty tissue under eyes?

Have been taking glaucoma eye drops for many years. Another doctor has taken me off drops stating I do not have this condition. Since stopping the... READ MORE

How to treat 'festoons'? (photos)

I have had extreme puffiness of the upper cheek/under eye area since I was a baby. I am now in my 20's and they have worsened. They seem like fluid... READ MORE

23 yr old, for 2 years there is fluid like substance under my left eye. Becoming prominent. (Photo)

Fluid like substance under my left eye which palpetts when i press it.previously, it was nt noticeable but now it is becoming prominent.it looks very... READ MORE

Can chronic fluid retention be a cause of under eye wrinkles?

I have always had 2 fine lines since (at least) i was a toddler . the problem is that it recently got worse. I suffer from depression and cried a lot... READ MORE

Any suggestions for short-term fluid under eyes bags?

Advice that short-term fluid bags under eyes are 'fatty' appears incorrect. I experience a fluid bag under one eye from one day to the next, unsure of... READ MORE

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