Fluid + Eye Bags Treatment

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Under Eye Bags; Fluid Retention? Fat?

I am a 28 year old male and as the picture shows, I have fairly prominent eye bags that I have been trying to find a way to correct. I went to a Dr.... READ MORE

What's causing my eye bags, water retention or fat pads? (Photo)

I am one of those 42 year old woman who hate her eye bags. However, during the rest of the day, my bags looks a tad flatter but it is still noticeable... READ MORE

What can my mother do for the fluid build up under her eyes? (photo)

She has a lot of fluid that leaks from the corner of her eyes. if you shine a light up to her eyes. its like looking threw a cloudy balloon. when she... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags? The skin around the eye gets wrinkly when I smile. Could they be festoons?

About a month ago I developed under eye bags. They are worse some days then others. (It appeared 2 month prior but disappeared within a day, returning... READ MORE

I have what I think are fluid bags under my eyes. Will surgery help?

They used to come and go but are now there all the time. Some days are a lot worse than others. I am very conscious as they look odd. I have had my... READ MORE

Are my under eye bags fat pads or water retention? (Photo)

Okay so I have these under eye bags, I've had them since I was born. I'm not sure if they are fat pads or just water retention. I would really like to... READ MORE

I have eyebags and I'm not sure if it's fluid retention, fat deposits, or allergies? 23 years old (Photo)

I'd like to know how you recommend treating this, as I constantly get asked why I look so tired. I've tried numerous ointments, but nothing seems to... READ MORE

How to treat under eye top of cheek malar bags? (photos)

I have what I think is fluid/malar bags. It's really bad on my right side but hardley noticeable on the left side. I sleep on my right side..... READ MORE

Under eye bags? Fluid retention? What is it? (photos)

I was born with them. They're not that prominent but they get to be under harsh lighting. I tried getting enough sleep but they never seemed to go... READ MORE

Do I have an eye problem or fatty tissue under eyes?

Have been taking glaucoma eye drops for many years. Another doctor has taken me off drops stating I do not have this condition. Since stopping the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for short-term fluid under eyes bags?

Advice that short-term fluid bags under eyes are 'fatty' appears incorrect. I experience a fluid bag under one eye from one day to the next, unsure of... READ MORE

Eye bags? Cause? Treatment? (Photo)

I've had prominent eye bags for as long as I remember. Creams and gels don't seem to work. I've tried everything I know of except surgery, although I... READ MORE

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